Women’s Press also needs interns. They are a non-profit that works on grass roots political work on issues related to women and children and economic inequality here in NYC. They do not use internet nor do they have a website and this is intentional–they prefer to engage with the community on a face to face basis. However, they do produce a magazine and  they also have digital printing presses for students to work with and they will train students on how to run them and design brochures, etc. for output on these presses.  If you are interested in illustration or photography, this is a good spot as they do publish illustrations and photographic work by Brooklyn artists in their magazine, on the cover and on the inside layouts. YOU could be one of those artists. If you are interested in graphic design, this spot should definitely be of interest.  Note, this is an in-person spot and you need to be vaccinated to work there . If students call on Friday, they usually have them come in on Saturday for training which is included in their Time sheet.  They take more than one student as they work with many other organizations and print the work of other clients and students often can design for their other clients.  So, if you don’t have a spot, it is possible for you to call TODAY,  and start on Saturday. Contact information is below:

Women’s Press Collective
2675 Heath Avenue, Lower Level
Brooklyn, NY 10463
Contact:  Lisa Daniels, 718-543-5100