Dear students,

One of the employers CityTech interns┬áhave worked for in the past is ArtWing. ┬áThe owner,┬áScott Erik Buccheit needs an intern with Photoshop skills. Professor Nicolau’s students have had very positive learning experiences working at ArtWing.┬áSee the contact information below. ┬áIt is best for students to┬ácontact┬áMr. Buccheit┬ádirectly on cellphone.
Scott Erik Buccheit, owner
611 Broadway, Suite 718
New York, NY 10012
212-655-5779 Office
(917-450-2028 Cell
646-485-7271 Fax

If you haven’t landed an internship as yet, call today as tomorrow is Saturday and you would have to wait until Monday to call.