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Three New Intern Spots in Times Square Area

If you haven’t landed a spot yet, here are the links to three new unpaid internship spots in the Time Square Area, the latter 2 spots focus more on marketing and communications. However, if you read the job descriptions, both spots should be of interest to advertising concentration students and perhaps graphic design as well as they involve work on social media sites and branding materials.

Content Production Internship:–2?id=content-production-intern–2

Business Development and Marketing Internship:–2?id=business-development-marketing-intern–2

Business Administration and/or Marketing internship:–3?id=business-administration-andor-marketing-communicat–3

If you are interested in these spots, you can email your resume and cover letter directly to Ana Quinonez at Aptozen is headquarted in San Francisco but they have a New York office. The latter two jobs are for Aptozen but the first spot is for a new startup company called AWE. A fellow CityTech student provided me with the connection for these spots so as a reminder, please keep building your network of CityTech students.

Summer 2017 PAID Internship at Betterment

Looking for a PAID summer internship? Then, check out this 10 week design intern spot at Betterment, a financial advisory company right here in New York. This job was JUST Posted so if you have the skills listed, APPLY NOW. They are looking for someone to work on banner ads, landing pages, emails and marketing materials and seeking a candidate with knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. See Complete listing at:


Women’s Press Collective is Looking for Interns

Women’s Press also needs interns. They are a non-profit that works on grass roots political work on issues related to women and children and economic inequality here in NYC. They do not use internet nor do they have a website and this is intentional–they prefer to engage with the community on a face to face basis. However, they do produce a magazine and¬†¬†they also have digital printing presses for students to work with and they will train students on how to run them and design brochures, etc. for output on these presses. ¬†If you are interested in illustration or photography, this is a good spot as they do publish illustrations and photographic work by Brooklyn artists in their magazine, on the cover and on the inside layouts. YOU could be one of those artists. If you are interested in graphic design, this spot should definitely be of interest.¬†¬†Note, this is an in-person spot and you need to be vaccinated to work there . If students call on Friday, they usually have them come in on Saturday for training which is included in their Time sheet.¬† They take more than one student as they work with many other organizations and print the work of other clients and students often can design for their other clients. ¬†So, if you don’t have a spot, it is possible for you to call TODAY,¬†¬†and start on Saturday. Contact information is below:

Women’s Press Collective
2675 Heath Avenue, Lower Level
Brooklyn, NY 10463
Contact:  Lisa Daniels, 718-543-5100

ArtWing is Looking for Fall Interns

Dear students,

One of the employers CityTech interns¬†have worked for in the past is ArtWing. ¬†The owner,¬†Scott Erik Buccheit needs an intern with Photoshop skills. Professor Nicolau’s students have had very positive learning experiences working at ArtWing.¬†See the contact information below. ¬†It is best for students to¬†contact¬†Mr. Buccheit¬†directly on cellphone.
Scott Erik Buccheit, owner
611 Broadway, Suite 718
New York, NY 10012
212-655-5779 Office
(917-450-2028 Cell
646-485-7271 Fax

If you haven’t landed an internship as yet, call today as tomorrow is Saturday and you would have to wait until Monday to call.

Mark Morris Internship Available at

So, there is an good internship just posted at

For those of you who don’t have spots, this could be a excellent spot for you to try as this state it is a marketing internship but if you read the job description after clicking on the link that the¬†¬†“marketing department at¬†MMDG needs you to help with Graphic Design, Photography, Video Editing, and/or Multimedia Journalism. ¬†” ¬†So, it looks like they¬†are looking for interns directly related to your studies and that you would be working in the marketing department. The Mark Morris Dance Company is a very well respected dance company and has an established brand in this area and beyond. See their website at¬†¬†If you are a lover of dance or just an appreciator of dance performances, put that in your cover letter.

Since this was just posted this evening, move fast. See the criteria for application and make sure you have everything they are looking for and good luck. Below is a screen grab of the job description but go to for where to apply, etc.