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Looking for a COMD 4900 Internship this Fall?

The Faculty Commons right  here on the CityTech Campus is seeking a Graphic Design Intern to work as a member of its design team. Being on the design team will help you gain valuable business experience as you participate in a creative team, work with clients and working with an existing brand image. Designed work gets publicized on the City Tech campus and will be great additions to your portfolio. The candidate should be enthusiastic, dependable, attentive to details and able to work 10+ hours per week. Schedule is set with flexible shifts to accommodate most schedules. Below is a PDF that describes the minimum qualifications for the position and the job’s responsibilities in more detail.


The Deadline for Applications is Tuesday, May 3, 2016. The link to apply is below:

For those who are chosen, there will be a 2-week training session in June to get them ready for the Fall 2016 semester internship.  The application deadline is Tuesday, May 3, 2016.


Looking for a Summer Internship?

Looking for an internship this summer? These positions were all posted on the AIGA National Design site at You can join the AIGA as a student for $50 dollar annually and then see all the details on these jobs. It would be a great investment in your career both now and in the near future. If you aren’t ready yet to make that investment and you see a position on the AIGA internship job board that really interests you, email Professor Goetz at and I will provide details you need for applying to that spot.


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