Inspiration: celebrity pregnancy – Jasmine Leal

Before Beyonce’s iconic pregnancy photograph of her bump came out, 2 decades beforehand Annie Leibowitz took Demi Moore’s pregnancy photo year 1991. It was a huge issue worldwide then. Reactions were spilt into two at the time, seen as scandalous, indecent, pornographic by some while the other half praised that they featured a pregnant women representing motherhood in a way not seen before in a magazine cover and the media as a whole. Demi Moore’s pregnancy photo sparked a movement to photographers that would copy the same concept of pregnancy in nudity, and most importantly the photograph opened a door to what was not represented before on the media; capturing a woman’s pregnancy in the form of expressing the beauty of it and shedding light to women’s sexuality. As for Beyonce’s pregnancy photograph, that was sensational since it was posted on her Instagram account, she uses fine art as references and inspirations for her photos. This one of her pregnancy she used Paula’s Modersohn-Becker’s painting “Self portrait on her sixth wedding anniversary” as a reference, in the painting Paula is holding her pregnant belly as did Beyonce and both have a direct gaze to the viewers. When comparing Demi Moore’s and Beyonce’s pregnancy photo shoots, the photographers used two different approaches in lighting to photograph their subjects. Annie Leibowitz used broad light on Demi, the lighting technique emphasized the right side of her face and ears, her left hand that covered her breast and her belly. The photographs composition was taken horizontally and Demi is off centered however the way she composed her pose by having one leg more front balances the photo as her body faces sideways from the light. As for Awol Erizku’s photograph of Beyonce he seemed to have used front light, there isn’t much emphasize of shadow and light on his subject so it’s a bit flat but what makes the photo stand out is the props used for the photoshoot. At first I wasn’t sure if the flower props symbolize something but looking at the photograph to me before learning a bit about the concept behind the photoshoot, I felt as though it represents how she feels about womanhood and motherhood, its vivid and beautiful and they showed their vision to world to see.

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