Daming chen – INSPIRATION FEB11

Yousef Karsh portrait, because of the age, his works are all in black and white, but there is a strong contrast between black and white. His choice of background is simple. Few of his models face him. Many of them are side shots or three-quarter views. He used Rembrandt light more than other light. Some of his portrait works show models with gadgets in their hands, which may represent certain information of the models. This method may help the model relax a bit. Because not everyone is very comfortable in front of the camera. For example, the portrait he took of Audrey Hepburn is very representative. First, he used the method of side shot, the main character in the center. Secondly, butterfly light style was used. Hepburn’s eyes were not completely closed, which gave people a mysterious and sexy feeling.

Nadav Kander portrait. His work is basically colored. But he also gives people a black and white feeling, that is his use of light is very strong. First show, he is a very good use of outline light, the portrait of the shadow is formed by light. Secondly, he used to fill shadow on the face and background. The shadow makes it more comfortable. However, some of his works give people the feeling of AI intelligence, which is very futuristic. I don’t know how he used light to achieve this effect, probably retouching. Many of his works are three quarter view. The models seldom look at the camera lens. It seems that there is another important thing that attracts them. The background is very monotonous, giving a sense of intellectual curiosity. For example, his portrait of the current President of the United States is taken by broad light. Trump’s posture is to sit on a chair and then light falls on the side of the visible ear. But the vision of the theme model is very clear, especially the color of the suit and the color of the chair is very oil painting sense. Trump’s face is half bright and half dark, giving a sense of seriousness.

In the following assignment, I think I will let the model try the three-quarter view and side photos. Then the model was asked not to look at the camera and to let other things distract them. Then uses different light color to achieve different result, then pay attention to shadow.

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  1. rmichals

    Karsh’s photo of Audrey Hepburn is lovely. The grays of her face are so soft while the black of her clothing and hair are deep and in strong contrast to the rest of the photo. Generally for butterfly light the model is face front and the the light is in front and above.

    Both Kandar and Karsh use three-quarter views often and to good effect. i encourage you to experiment with them more.


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