Inspiration: Marcel Christ and Greg Shapps

Marcel Christ was born in 1969. Christ is a short film director and still life photographer, based in Amsterdam. The first photograph by Marcel Christ is very clean, and pleasing to the eyes. The photographer maybe used Photoshop on image in order to get the ‘just on the right moment’ shot. Here we see that, he’s not advertising any brand of milk but he’s trying to say milk is life; is organic. I didn’t expect that pouring milk to a glass makes some cool and significant figure or shape.

The second photograph is by Gregg Shapps; who takes photos of products, pharmacy, healthcare and more; did a great job in this photo of the glass of water with and the Rubik’s cubes. We can see the clear and natural water in the glass; almost representing the ocean because of the blue tones. Even though we do not see an important shape of the water, (like the milk that look like a tree); we still can see something great. The shape of the water in this photo, have a feeling of a wave from the ocean.

Both photographers, play around with shapes and compositions; which is a great. Also both images uses a solid background. Furthermore, both images looked edited. The first image with the glass of milk, seems to be 1/4 full and the glass of water is 3/4 full.

One thought on “Inspiration: Marcel Christ and Greg Shapps

  1. rmichals

    The Christ photo is clearly photoshopped.

    The Schapps photo is too and you know it if you have ever photographed glass. There is no way not to get a good deal of direct reflection if you put a light at about 45 degrees as indicated by the shadow.


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