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Mannions Photography

Mannions work is definitely very interesting. He uses a lot of color and contrast throughout his photography. He positions his subjects in a way that describe them in their field of work. He is great at recreating their attitude throughout the photo. Avedon style is very colorless, its usually black and white. His photos have great lighting throughout and inserting composition. He also can be seen using this motion blurring effect through many photos. Its investing because it gives a still image this sort of movement and also a sense of mystery. It makes the image look like its fading away. You can see Mannion recreating this style throughout some of his species like the photoshoot with Jayz. In one of the photos jays is moving and has that added motion blur look. Mannions photo of Jay Z does look like he took into account his teachers teachings. You can see similar composition styles and lighting. The subject has great facial expression and the photo just works very well.

Avedon and Jonathan

Richard Avedon’s portrait style is a natural portrait of people. For example, he takes photos of people with outside lighting. He takes the natural emotion of people. His photos have a lot movement to make the audience stay on the image. He has dramatic shots and candid shots of people. You can engage with his images and have a lot questions about the storytelling of the portrait. Jonathan Mannion was assistant of Avedon and has brought the style of bringing the emotion out. He obviously has color in his photography. He uses modern-day problems to bring it out to the world. A lot of his work has different kinds of culture. He uses natural light and Rembrandt lighting with storytelling.

Richard Avedon and Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer. In Avedon’s photography, he uses lighting, composition, contrast and having the subject create emotion. Richard Avedon portraits were in black and white photographs. His photographs had the subjects expression or body movement stand out.

After seeing, Richard Avedon work you can see how Jonathan Mannion was inspired by. There is a clear similarity between the two photographers, the use of black and white, the lighting and composition. The difference between the two is that Jonathan Mannion has adopted a more modern version. Mannion has adopted and improved on Avedon’s style; he’s able to make the artist have an interaction with the audience. For example, in the Jay-z photo, he has a great expression as well as strong lighting which makes he a strongly determined artist. He was able to make Avedon’s style into his own and improved on it. It’s something that everyone should do. 

Avedon and Mannion

Avedon was an American portrait and fashion photographer. He is a very successful photographer because he has the ability to reveal true character in his photos. He does this by using high contrast, using high exposure on the face and keeping the shadows very dark. When he uses the high exposure the face, he captures very fine details that reveal some character. He is also able to capture emotion through the subjects facial expressions. I find this very intriguing because being able to capture an emotion at its peak is hard to do. I particularly enjoy his self-portrait which conveys a unique brilliance.

You can clearly see the influence of Avedon’s work in Mannion’s portraits. Although he has a similar style, Mannion has a more modern look. In the Jay Z portrait, Mannion uses the traditional white background in order to create a high contrast with Jay Z’s black suit. There is also light shining on Jay Z’s face which highlights his face in great detail. Also, Mannion was able to capture the well known Jay Z character which is determined and strong-willed.

Richard Avedon and Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon style is of course the infamous black and white photograph. He try’s to push these concepts of free human behavior in his photographs as well as fashion. Avedon, captures these weird moments of expression on his subjects they stare into the camera. Everything seems to be about the eyes and then, the motion.

Jonathan Mannion  was inspired by  style to Avedon by  contrast with black and white . his style of using  natural background. Mannion has adopted the ways from most of Avedon’s work; which he then uses the idea of how an influence can make one mimic someones work. In the portrait of JayZ, he borrowed Avedon’s black  background and most likely one more addition  I would love to try out both techniques high and low key lighting to see which one has a better outcome.

Inspiration: Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon’s portrait style is mostly black and white photographs with variations of white or grey backgrounds, to up close and out of focus shots. His portraits have a strong sense of character and message, or they are strong simply because of the influence the person in the picture possesses. A good portion of Jonathan Mannion’s black and white portrait photography is identical to Avedon’s white or grey background photography. Same concept and strong character. Looking at other photography by Mannion’s, I noticed he’s adapted a Avedon’s conceptual styling of fashion photography and added his own personal look to it, his are mostly color photographs while Avedon’s were in black and white.

Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon uses light, framing and leading lines and movement to create compelling photographs. Many of his portraits use blown out lights and over exposed darks to isolate the subject. From Avedon’s work I get the impression that he only wants us to focus on exactly what we are looking at. There is an effortless feel to the way I experience his photographs. Avedon’s images at a glance can seem simple but he uses the “photography rules” to his favor by abandoning them. The consistent theme for Richards photographs is the high contrast isolating a centered subject.
Jonathan Mannion adopts the style of isolating the subject center frame from Avedon, however Mannion uses dark backgrounds and selective lighting to bring attention to the subject. For dramatic isolation Mannion uses a washed-out background relying on high contrast and leading lines to make the image a success, for example the Jay Z portrait. Mannion built on what he learned by making creative use of color gels to add contrast and dynamic levels while separating the background from the subject. Mannion seems to stay relatively close to the boundaries of conventional studio photography.

Richard Avedon and Jonathon Mannion

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer. His portraits are all shot in black and white and really soul touching. His works expresses a massive amount of emotion throughout the subjects’ facial and body expression. I feel like he was really focused on capturing the original expression of the model instead of having them pose and fabricate the scene.

Jonathon Mannion is a photographer and a filmmaker who works mostly with music artists. He works with Richard Avedon for an year and if we look at the portraits he has shot Richard’s influence is very visible in Jonathon’s work. His use of lighting and colors are amazing. It looks like he has adapted Richard’s style and evolved with the technology and the resources and improving on it.

Master vs Apprentice ( Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion)

Before I begin, I want to say that I’m in no way trying to say which of these two artists in a way to says who’s better. This is more of a more a comparison and contrast between two of the best fashion photographers to ever exist.

Starting with the master, Richard Avedon was major influence in the field of portraits and high-end fashion. For me, his work tends to play with the fundamentals of photography such as line, shape and pattern. With this, he uses these principles to create forms which forces you to examine every corner of a photograph. He uses these to the fullest extend which results in photographs that taps into our emotions; they can make you feel uncomfortable, curious, heavyhearted and question the anatomy of humans. The best application of these principles being used in the photograph of “Ronald Fischer, Beekeeper”. In terms of lighting, we can see a high key photograph, completely evenly lit, with relatively low contrast. In addition to that, we see him using pattern and rhythm in the form of bees. It makes you feel uncomfortable, but sparks your curiosity and you begin to question “how is this even possible?”. This is the style of Richard Avedon.

Now compared to his teacher, Jonathan Mannion has a similar style to Avedon in terms of using high and low-key lighting, but that’s where the similarities end. Jonathan tends to broaden his style of work by using colour fills and capturing his subjects in their natural background. You can see that Mannion has acquired this from most of Avedon’s work; which he then uses it to his advantage. In the portrait of JayZ, he utilises Avedon’s lit white background and most likely one more addition light to light the subject to get that very strong- define, low key photograph. I would love to try out both techniques high and low key lighting to see which one makes a photograph powerful.

Inspiration: Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

Avedon’s work style, in my opinion, is about capturing the moment and movement. He doesn’t show a simple photo with no meaning. He shows photos with a lot of expressions. Like other photographers, Avedon had an assistant named Jonathan Mannion.

Mannion’s photograph has almost the same feel as Avedon’s work but in a different way. For example  Jay Z photograph. This photo besides that it is in black and white like Avedon’s work, it looks totally different and more modernized. The main key to this photo is the face (expressions). Without this almost angry face, it wouldn’t be same. I also think that the clothing in this photo makes Jay Z look more familiar to the 1900s, making this photo to look more like Avedon’s style.

Are there other ways in which he uses what he learned from Avedon? And the answer is yes. Mannion’s work shows a lot of movement in his work like Avedon but they have their own style.