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Fourspace VS. Yelp

Fourspace and Yelp are fierce competitors when it comes to pooling and collecting reviews on various places throughout cities all over the world. Undeniably, Yelp is the big winner of the two – but for the sake of comparison, we will focus on the both of their strategies in the both of these ad campaigns.

Yelp was mostly video, while Foursquare was mostly print ad.

Foursquare and Yelp

Foursquare and Yelp are competitors and both take a humorous route for there campaigns. Foursquare has a more realistic stereo type tone and Yelp takes the same concept but makes it out of the ordinary. Foursquare is targeting a technology using, more serious well rounded audience. Yelp took there campaign to those who appreciate exaggerated humor, again to a wide tech friendly audience. Foursquare’s photography is extremely realistic and natural and Yelp’s campaign is a video with designed scenes that fulfill the over exaggerated jokes. It goes to show you comedy is a great way to catch the attention of ones audience.

FourSquare Vs Yelp Ad Campaigns

Well the Ad Campaigns used for both of these brands differ. Yelp chooses to go towards a whole video aspect but Foursquare chooses to promote their brand with an image.  Videos tend to catch your attention more often well at least in my opinion, I am a video person I’ve always been interested in watching and listening then actually paying close attention to text. Yelp actually will grow faster for the simple fact that people prefer to watch then to read.  Videos are entertaining and well photos are just blah… if you aren’t really interested in things like type or colors then an Ad campaign like the one foursquare introduced would not seem much appealing to you.

Promoting your brand is one thing but the way your promote your brand is another thing. The way you promote your brand is what will allow you to have a low amount of viewers vs a high amount of viewers.

Campaign Analysis 3 – Foursquare and Yelp

These campaigns focuses on an adult audience. But how it’s executed is a whole different story. In Foursquare, you have two individuals different from one another that shows bubbles of places of what they want. In Yelp, the way it’s done uses humor to get a more broader audience despite focusing on just adults. Yelp uses bad situations but makes them better if they used Yelp to get them to the places they want. While Foursquare focuses more on a more serious approach trying to show how convenient they are despite Yelp being far more superior in there message.


Both of these ad campaigns seem to rely strongly on the message of opposites al the while being massively different. The foursquare one seems to contrast the two interests of the characters. The yelp advertisement has the characters contrast what they already have to what they actually want. For example, the couple in the video wanted a restaurant with cooked food but instead got a live octopus.

In terms of differences, the foursquare campaign is very bright, seems to have been taken outside during a sunny day. The Yelp campaign seems to have been far darker but the models or characters in the video are lit up very well.