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For the next assignment, i will going to bring a jar glass because the jar have wide shape and has more empty space. I need that because to pour a colorful water as of showing my thoughts and current situations i have. I might going to bring two jar to show the differences. All the shots will be take with diffusion box because i dont need sharp shadows. The position of the glass i am not sure yet, but i might do some research before next class.


In the first poet , “She being Brand” by Ee Cummings is about a man and girl having sex for the first time. The author uses metaphor of riding a car to explain how it was nice to ride the city with his partner. The tone of this scene can be during night time.

On the second poet, “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine is about Detroit riot, and how city is burn down. And the author using a metaphor of readers riding a car and passing by the streets and observing whats happening to City of Detroit. It’s like readers isolating themselves from dangers.

For the next class I will bring my small Cadillac toy car. And I will the same setup lighting like todays class.

Beats and Bose


The two famous brand Beats and Bose produces a headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre is owned by Apple Inc as of today. In this “Hear What  You Want” campaign ad is showing a black sport player as models. The photographer taken in profile view to show the Beats product. I believe the brand wants to showing the quality of how the product is designed. All models looks so serious and focused because of what headline is trying to say to their consumers. The audiences are for people who needs to stay focus physical activity.


Bose campaign is showing the places where we hear loud noises of something that distracts us. By this, the brand is trying to show the solution of what it can do by visually showing the shape of volume going down. They are targeting for those people who like to listen to their music in quite  places.

YELP and Foursquare.

This both campaigns are does similar job for their consumers by providing the best places to go for people needs. On Foursquare campaigns, it has 2 persons with 3 words of them thinking to have or go to places. But on Yelp campaigns, it has 3 to 5 people showing the situations that happened and a guy holding the phone with Yelp app that shows the 5 stars places to go nearby. The tones that Foursquare has is brighter or shot on day time. But on Yelp ad it captured during nights.

Shaving Ads

Schick brand created an awesome Campaign called, Free Your Skin. The photographer Troy Goodall took half length portrait with using short light on the model. Since Schick is beard shaving for men , the photographer adds the wild animal as it seems like it’s models beard. The reason why they did this is because to tell the message how beard would smell and look disgusting. Also, Schick razors is capable of shaving mass of beard at once. Photographer also ads the background light so that model look stands out.

For Gillette ad, the photographer Tim Tadder shot the model in burst length portrait with broad light on model. The model’s photo taken in the studio then photoshopped it by adding 3D text, background and the giant shaver. The model have no facial hair to show to consumers how Gillette gives perfect results.

Dance Photography

This both campaigns uses dancers differently from one another. On Raymond Weil ad uses monochrome. Also it uses high contrast because to show the feelings of strongness of the Watch. Also the dancer’s wore tank tops to show the wrist I guess. On  Pantone ad it looks so different. The ad has color that gives feelings of joyfulness. And the view of the ad kinda look as it captured as panorama view. The dancers dancing the way they feeling. Also they are coverup with white cloth because of the skin color not to be mix in with other color. The shadow is not dark enough because the photographer doesnt want to see strong contrast.