Poems “she being brand” by E.E Cummings and Coming Home, Detroit, 1968″ by Phillip Levine both use driving metaphors to get there message across.

Cummings is describing taking the virginity of a girl while using car parts to describe it. It has a very rough tone with a lot of visual details for example “…i touched the accelerator and gave her the juice. I was thinking of using a dim spot light on the car to give it a serious but romantic feel.

Levine uses a car to walk him through his story mainly to enhance the manufacturing of cars in Detroit where this horrible situation has taking place. He sees everything that is happening while driving through the city and there is nothing he can do about what is going on. “Near the freeway you stop and wonder what came off” this is an example of him being indifferent to the situation and understanding you have to keep going. My idea for a photograph to get the message of this story across is setting a serious light fix and having the car stare into a black backdrop.


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