Comparison ; Coming home Detroit, She being Brand


“she being Brand” this poem was a sexual fantasy of car, the author brings you very in-depth of how the character describes his fantasy within metaphors, he uses phrases such as,  ” I went right to it flooded-to the carburetor cranked her.I touched the accelerator and give her the juice, good.” The desires he as are as if the car is a female and he references these thoughts towards a car, he loves and adores.

In the poem  “Coming Home, Detroit”

He uses metaphors like ” A winter Tuesday, the city pouring fire. We burn this city everyday.”

The both depict a feeling of some sort, the passion/love for the car and the feeling of coming back home to a location that has changed dramatically. Metaphors allow you to understand the important of these topics. Detroit had been messed up and the man had really fantasized the car as if it were a women.

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  1. rmichals

    Reading what you wrote, I am guess that your approach for the ee cummings poem is to show the car as “loved and adored.” and certainly, the action of the poem takes place inside the car. there is so little in the poem about what is outside the car. In the Levine poem, the action is all taking place outside the car and the car is a way of escaping/avoiding the misery.


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