Comparison Between Two Poems

In this class, we both were highlighting the whole idea about metaphor. We would later read two poems, one being “She Being Brand” by E.E. Cummings and “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968″ by Phillip Levine.

The main comparison between the two is their use of the metaphor of the cars that the main character in the cars that they are driving. In the first poem, it’s more… sexual, whimsical and humorous – as the writer shows as to how he treats the car in the heavily descriptive language seen. One example would be ,”I touched the accelerator and give her the juice good”. Very descriptive and sexual indeed.

The second poem however, is much much more dark. It shows a guy driving his car through Detroit, which is where a lot of automobiles were built – due to its nickname as the Motor City. It’s a more darker take on driving through Detroit due to the fact that the writer highlights how pollution and riot tears the city apart everyday, as he states, “We burn this city every day” at the very end of the poem.

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