Shaving Ads

Schick brand created an awesome Campaign called, Free Your Skin. The photographer Troy Goodall took half length portrait with using short light on the model. Since Schick is beard shaving for men , the photographer adds the wild animal as it seems like it’s models beard. The reason why they did this is because to tell the message how beard would smell and look disgusting. Also, Schick razors is capable of shaving mass of beard at once. Photographer also ads the background light so that model look stands out.

For Gillette ad, the photographer Tim Tadder shot the model in burst length portrait with broad light on model. The model’s photo taken in the studio then photoshopped it by adding 3D text, background and the giant shaver. The model have no facial hair to show to consumers how Gillette gives perfect results.

One thought on “Shaving Ads

  1. rmichals

    I am not sure of the intention of the Schick ad. it might be as you suggest that the intended meaning is that schick helps you tame your beard that could be as disgusting as a wild animal without this great razor.

    If the model’s head is in a 3/4 view, we call it short light if the light falls on the side of the face with the features as in the gillette ad. If the light falls on the side of the face with the visible ear, we call it broad light like the ad with the beard-squirrel.


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