Shaving Ad Comparison

Before the photographer,¬†Tim Tadder, took the picture of the¬†athlete he¬†manipulated the lighting to¬†set to mood for the audience. The use of short lighting along with the athlete’s expression creates¬†is a very manly and aggressive atmosphere. The lighting also allows helps Gillette get the message across ¬†to their audience by¬†emphasizing the smoothness of his skin by using this lighting setup. The overall message I get is using Gillette’s razors¬†can give you a close shave while still keeping a masculine appearance.

The Schick advertisement on the other hand is aimed ¬†towards the more casual audience with a humorous¬†message. Troy Goodall wanted to capture the image of an average man and used broad lighting to create a photo that resembles more of a profile picture. Thanks to the use of of the lighting, the details¬†of the hair on their models face is able to standout more and become the focus of the ad. The message I¬†get from it is, people with beards are seen¬†are seen as having an animal on their face and their product will be able to “free their skin.”

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