Dance Photography in Advertising

Ads Raymond Weil shot by Lois Greenfield and Pantone shot by Sarah Silver both use dancers for advertisement. Greenfield shot of the dancers creates a vivid expression of motion. It shows contrast to the extreme with choosing to go black and white, there are very light area and very dark areas that take control of the eye. The sense of movement is the concept of the ad and using dancers gave it the sense of real movement.

On the other hand Pantone shot by Sliver expresses painting with light rather than using the dancers as a main focus the dancers here were also used as models. Sliver used the lights to communicate the message of “make it brilliant”. It is a very abstract piece that takes full engagement of the viewer with its unique shapes, colors and shadows. The shadows were a powerful visual element, it adds depth, gives the piece more shapes and delivers the brands identity.

In the Raymond Weil Ads the dancers stand out vs the Pantone ad where the dancers become one with the light and shapes. I personally favor the Pantone’s Ads due to the amount of change happening within the the whole composition it feels alive. It feels as if it were a dance between the light and environment.

Both ads take a different approach and are successful with passing along the message of the brand.

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