Campaign Analysis 1

Sarah Silver’s photos for Pantone and Lois Greenfield’s photo for Raymond Weil are similar in that they both use dancers as visual representation of the products advertised.

The formal photography elements that are similar and differ between the two ads include light, texture, focus, line, and tone. Both campaigns are sharp overall in terms of focus, making you pay attention to the dancers and their movements which is important in both campaigns. They also use direct light to further draw attention to the dancers. The direct light creates shadows from the way the dancers are moving but highlights their actions. The lighting used in the Greenfield’s photo emphasizes the dancers, making them clear and bright and gives a tone that is full scale, while the lighting used in Silver’s photography was intentionally designed so that shadows and colors were controlled. Silver’s photos also use lights to create the feeling of texture to speak to the products that Pantone creates.

The metaphor that the Greenfield photo creates speaks specifically to their headline of “precision movements” using these incredibly muscular and strong dancers to show the feeling of being precise as well as fluid. The Silver photos speak to the fact that Pantone and their products are artistic. They are similar in the idea of ever moving time and creativity.

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