Final Project Proposal – Glossier

Glossier is a skincare and beauty company that breaks the norm of makeup being something used to conceal, something you need to make yourself feel beautiful. Their products are created to embrace the skin you’re in, to provide affordable, easy, everyday skincare and makeup. Their major competitors are Milk Makeup, RMS Beauty, Laura Mercier, Lilah B., amongst others. Their current advertising is very fresh, minimalistic, modern, and targets a young demographic. They use a diverse range of female models with different skin types.

Since the beginning of the semester, I knew I wanted to do something in beauty. I chose Glossier because this is the competition for most of the brands out there. This company skyrocketed very fast through their social media advertisements. I’d like to work for companies like Glossier, companies like this that have a core set of beliefs, that value the products/service they provide. Like most beauty campaigns, Glossier also uses front light. From looking at Glossier’s current and previous advertisement,  a pastel color backdrop is typically used (purple, pink, baby blue). Looking at Olson’s work for Glossier, he uses a baby blue backdrop and the models seem very free and happy. On the other hand, Jackson’s work for Glossier has the more traditional beauty shot approach. For the most part, the camera seems to be eye level or slightly below at some angles. When I shoot next week, I definitely want to incorporate both Olson and Jackson’s approach combining free, happy, and traditional. From looking at the shots with two people, they’re usually shot close up, cutting out parts of the face’s to fill in the frame leaving very little negative space. I am going to have a few friends come in to be my models. I am going to shoot them individually and in pairs. I’ve decided to photograph without the actual products from Glossier. I want to communicate the brand’s aesthetic and ideals with the models being the center of focus.

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