Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace is a UK based photographer who specializes in commercial photography.  His work can be described as dramatic and conceptual, which is often showed in the work he does with cars.  Wallace seems to know just how to capture a cars best side, and not just document it but get the feeling of what it is to drive the car to the viewer.  


With no two photos alike.  Wallace documents high-class and high speed vehicles in dramatic and exciting locations that really emphasize the places this car will take you.  Wallace seems to be able to photograph a lifestyle through still life car imagery. Also it looks as if a lot of preplanning goes into the photography that Wallace is doing.  The locations are scouted and everything is taken account for. Everything within the photo needs to highlight the emotion and feeling that the vehicle is giving off.


Wallace makes a car look like a beautiful sleek and exciting creature against the various backgrounds and locations that he scouts out.  The Ferrari a gentle beast creeps along cobblestone in an almost gothic and old castle-like setting. The light shining of the hood of the car that illuminates the pathway that the car takes.  Wallace’ work is dramatic and captures the true feel, emotion, and lifestyle that driving that particular car gives off. Whether is is a powerful race car, or a sleek and smooth porsche traversing an urban environment.  


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  1. rmichals

    Good point about Tim Wallace communicating what it feels like to drive the cars not just what they look like. And yes, the images are selling a lifestyle. They are not about the cars themselves.


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