Julia Sent

Julia Sent is most known for her work surrounding still life photography.  She photographs inanimate objects of all sorts as well as some living things/once living things.  Her photos are beautiful and ornately put together and somewhat strange. The objects being photographed are colorful and somewhat explode off of the dark background that is seemingly infinite.  


Her photographs all have this rough and natural feel and look to them.  The background being black adds to the natural feel since white seems to give a more sterile feel in my opinion.  The objects tend to be fruits, vegetables or possibly flowers, which is often mixed in with some old antique style items that give off this rough and retro feel.  One image which is simple yet very strange in its own way, features an old aged flower pot with wilting flowers, perched on a chess board that has an egg and pawn on it. The egg is the most purely white and smooth item in frame which adds for interesting contrast against everything else that has brown undertones.  


It is almost creepy in a sense.  Her work has a recurring theme of death, or at least wilting.  Dry fallen leaves, wilting flowers, and a fish head. The shadows and lighting really add for a display of natural beauty and imperfection that can be seen on the details of fruit, or the curled edges of the flowers.  


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  1. rmichals

    Her work clearly quotes the look of Dutch 17th and 18th century still life painting which was all about mortality. In these paintings there were usually some beautiful perfect flowers and fruits and vegetables and then some that were past their prime and often included insects like flies. So showing the full cycle of life.


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