Philip Lorca-DiCorcia Hustlers

All of the photographs from the series Hustlers were very captivating and opened a light on male prostitutes in the 90’s. The one photo that caught my attention was Chris, 28 years old, Los Angeles, California, $30. The photo shows Chris sitting on the edge of what looks like the second floor of a motel, his arms holding the top of the bar while his head rests on the bar below. The light appears to be in front of him or even slightly below him. The light casts a shadow in the back creating a silhouette of him being hung or even crucified. I can feel that sense of loneliness and emptiness from looking at his face and the way he is positioned. He has that hollow look in his face as if there is no emotion. The shadow can also be depicted as his soul being locked behind bars. He probably didn’t think that coming to Hollywood he would have ended up like this. It feels like for him there is nothing left in life, that by doing this he is just barely surviving. The bars can be interpreted as him holding on to that bit of life he has left deep inside. I know I’m just rambling on about there being a deeper meaning behind the photograph at this point but there is so much I get from looking at this. Meticulously planned or not, I think DiCorcia truly captured the real loneliness of all these people.

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  1. rmichals

    Great observation about the shadow looking like the young man is either being hung or maybe crucified. I have never noticed that in all the times I have looked at this photo.

    Planned does not mean that it can’t capture emotion.


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