These two celebrity shots feature Demi Moore and Beyonce during their pregnancy.  The Demi Moore photo was taken by Annie Leibowitz and Beyonce’s by Awol Erizku.

To start off just by looking at the photos you notice that they both face a similar angle.  The left shoulder is pointed towards the camera and they are both looking over their shoulder at the camera.  I assume that the angle was taken in order to emphasize that both of them are pregnant. This of course becomes the focus of the photo and what is trying to be captured within the photograph.  

However look at both photos side by side you notice of course that the portrait of Beyonce is a lot more busy.  She is wearing a bra etc. and has flowers in the background. It seems that the way she’s dressed and the flowers sort of create this lively  and pure setting which really adds to the natural beauty of what the photo is about, birth.

On the other hand Demi’s photo is bare. Very literally.  She is nude and so is the background. In this case the photo has a very blank and open feel.  It very much centers around her as a new mother. It gives off this feeling that it is just her and her child.  During pregnancy it is truly just mother and offspring. That’s the center of focus, and that is what is given off here.

Both really surround the miracle of pregnancy and birth.  They just shine different light on specifics about pregnancy.  One being the natural and liveliness of birth (Beyonce) and the other being the center of the world, mother and offspring (Demi).


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  1. rmichals

    These two photos represent very different views of what is important in photography. Erizku’s photo relays on props for its meaning. The Leibowitz photo relies on the light.


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