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What is the Point of College Summary


The main idea of the article is that there is a schism in the perception of what college should accomplish with those who enroll. The split is centered around the idea of preparing students for a future in the fields in which they study, and the idea that colleges are where people should be able to discover themselves without fear of persecution. This split then goes on to dictate what students learn, and how they learn the material. The question the article poses is whether or not is conducive to meaningful knowledge.

Communication Problem: The inherent difference in the pragmatism of utility and the idealism of utopia.

Image Ideas:
Heavily impersonal visuals, such as cold lighting and an emphasis on machinery to represent utility. Bright and more lively, human expressions for utility.

Unfamiliarity with the camera equipment resulted in some less than ideal shots, and most of them did not satisfy the criteria of environmental portraits. However, a few standout examples were produced for further revision and modification.