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Description of the brand: Bose is one of the leading brands of audio products. Established in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, the company is best know for it’s home audio system and speakers, noise canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile system which is sell throughout the world. This multi-billion company target a audience that listen to headphones ages 25 to 50 that spend approximately $100 for regular headphones to $400 for more high end ones. The wireless headphone will be used for this project to advertise this brand with the tagline “Wireless Music Deserves Bose”.

PSC Hearing Loss: “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore.” According to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Loss of hearing can be caused by many different things, and can be treated using medicine or surgery depending on the progress of the disease. Generally loss of hearing is placed into three categories, Conductive hearing loss, due to problems with the ear canal, ear drum, or middle ear and its little bones. Sensorineural hearing loss, when hearing loss is due to problems of the inner ear, and Mixed hearing loss, a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. According to neilsperlingmd.com more than 28 million people are affected by some type of hearing disorder. Of which listening to exceptionally loud music contribute in some way. This disease affects children as well as adults age 18 and over.

Communication: Bose shows what the enjoyable listening experience can be when one use the wireless headphones. The headphones have a sleek, clean design with no hanging wire, which means less trouble carrying and storing. On the other hand PSC shows the effect of listening to loud music- hearing loss. Thus, it is my intention to show forth both in the images captured.

Image ideas: A generous measure of light will be used when capturing the image for the Bose Ad. The model will be wearing wireless headphones and will show forth a smiling happy countenance, that generates a positive effect of the pleasure of listening to music with Bose wireless headphones. The image for the PSC Ad will be less lighted with the model showcasing a less happy countenance- thus generating a negative yet cautious feeling towards listening to loud music that may lead to hearing loss.