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Summary of final project

Final project went well i shoot how i wanted. My first idea was to show still life photography (show beauty and power of sport by showing on image racket and ball for tennis). lighting natural colors, bright to make photo look heathy, used white back ground. For my second idea I I used person (playing tennis, happy and healthy), with white background. I did well.

Project brief

Tetiana Baranovska COMD3530

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis
By Michael Cramton

A tennis match requires players to move side to side, up and back and at differing speeds to test a variety of muscles in your legs. And the inherent movements in a typical match help to improve forearm strength, back muscles and core development.
Tactical – Brain Development
Tennis is based on geometry and physics, and can help develop tactical thinking similar to playing a game of chess. Since a large proponent of playing tennis involves alertness and tactical thinking to develop shot patterns, the sport helps to generate new connections between nerves in the brain. Played over the course of many years, tennis can help improve or maintain brain development, keeping you alert and sharp well into your golden years.
The more you play tennis, the more you develop the fine motor skills required in ball striking, gauging distance and personal coordination.
Tennis tests your balance, speed, footwork and hand-eye coordination through a variety of techniques and movements. The better you become on the courts, you can also expect these attributes improve other aspects of your life.
In a recent study performed at Southern Connecticut State University, which tested the psychological benefits of several sports and among non-athletes, tennis players scored higher in self-esteem, vigor and optimism, while scoring lower for factors such as confusion, tension, anxiety and depression.
Regularly playing tennis can help keep you motivated on your professional path, as well as help you overcome obstacles that you may encounter in your personal life.
Other sports may provide differing levels of health benefits—swimming for upper body, running for leg strength and soccer for tactical reasoning—but none of them combine them in such an efficient package as the sport of tennis.
All of these health benefits make tennis one of the most beneficial sports you can play, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Project brief
“ Health Benefits of Playing Tennis”
By Michael Cramton
1)Scientists and physicians around the world view tennis as the most healthful activity in which you can participate. There may be other sports that can provide excellent health benefits and some which can provide mental and emotional growth.  But no sport other than tennis has ever been acclaimed from all disciplines as one that develops great benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Cheerful text makes you start play tennis and take care of your health, keep you in a good shape.
2)It’s not too late for adults and seniors to play tennis.  The human system can be trained and improved at any stage of life.
3)My literal approach to get people to play tennis to show beauty of the rackets, to get people be healthier.
4)My images should include for 1 idea people (playing tennis, happy and healthy), 2 idea still life photography (show beauty and power of sport by showing on image racket and ball for tennis).
5)My models will be strong healthy looking people in a good shape.
6)Rackets and balls for tennis
7)I would use side lighting. This is arguably my favorite kind of light. Side light is light coming from the left or right of the subject. Or back lighting back lighting happens when the light source is behind the subject.
8)I would use side lighting natural colors, maybe bright to make photo look heathy, I would use high depth of field, to focus more on objects.

Human trafficking

Summary:Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of trans-national criminal organizations. Human trafficking is condemned as a violation of human rights by international conventions. Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims.

Communication Problem: If the public can’t see the problem, it’s difficult to mobilise financial and political support to solve it.Trafficking,should not be confused with a similar albeit different crime all together.

Images:should be dark, sad, I would use dark red background and hands tied up

“She being Brand” by e.e cummings

The poem appears to be about a driver’s excitement to drive a new car. The use of the pronoun “she” could be man’s tendency to refer to an automobile as feminine. Upon further examination, it becomes convincing that the poem is actually an extended metaphor for a man’s sexual experience with a woman, and the woman is possibly a virgin.
Images: car and bright colors

Headphones and hearing lost

Listening through headphones at a high volume for extended periods of time can result in lifelong hearing loss for every one. It is very dangerous so Created an ad to stop using headphones with loud music, I think its came up very nice. Using good-quality headphones is a wise move regarding hearing health, as is a dose of common sense and low volume.

Social media addiction

Social networking addiction is a phrase sometimes used to refer to someone spending too much time using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media so much so that it interferes with other aspects of daily life.There’s no official medical recognition of social networking addiction as a disease or disorder. Still, the cluster of behaviors associated with heavy or excessive use of social media has become the subject of much discussion and research
Addiction usually refers to compulsive behavior that leads to negative effects. In most addictions, people feel compelled to do certain activities so often that they become a harmful habit, which then interferes with other important activities such as work or school.

Images could be as 1(all social media could be in trash can); 2 On one site is family other social media,

Utopia U and Utility U

1.Summary:-when working with a text, briefly state the most important points of the article. If an advertising campaign, describe the product. (What is Utopia U and what does it mean vs Utility U  how they work in life , in College.)
2.Communication Problem: What should be communicated by the images that accompany this article or will be used in this campaign? (Environment with person. Something what is relates to utility U or Utopia U.)
3.Image Ideas: List at least two image ideas. You can also include other photographers’ images with credit as examples or sketches. (Utopia U can be shown on image a lot of lite on a desk top and happy person studying. Utility U person working on computer`s  key board)

4.Results: How did it turn out? (It turned out very well Utopia U works very well on image the same as Utility U)