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cars poems breakdown

“Coming Home, Detroit 1968”

this poem is referring to the downfall and burning of a dear city to the author. something familiar is suddenly terrifying and closed off. I’d like to use a car that appears to be from the era  turned over on a black background with a fire burning eyes that are shut in with and nailed with boards.

“‘she being Brand’ by e.e. cummings”

This poem references being astounded by the sheer power of a vehicle and how easy it is to run it into the ground if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’d like to say that the author was joyful and enthusiastic enough to believe that he can push this vehicle to it’s limits. The idea of a vehicle hopping over a gap and mid air with typography below the car being turned while in mid air.

Social media addiction

The articles have described a trend for social media platforms to be even more addictive and knowingly too. Social media sites exploit the fear of missing out (F.M.O.) Therefore I’d like to focus on individuals being left out of a party. I’d place my subjects as isolated from the bubble of their friends interacting.

Preferably in dim lighting conditions so that the glow of smartphones illuminates faces of the group but the left out individual is lit seperately

David D.

  1. Summary:  Utility U vs Utopia U, the article by Kwame Anthony Appiah explores the duality of our educational system between the bottom line and an individual self growth.
  2. Communication Problem: Describe structured working environment vs a chaotic creative storm a student may be going through.
  3. Image Ideas:  One surrounded by lots of equipment  vs a seldom computer screen
  4. Results: