Topic Nine: Sex Trafficking in America

Summary: In the article, “Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyards,” Leith Merrow Mullaly discusses one of America’s worst current social issues. The article gets straight to the point by stating that sex-trafficked individuals come in all shapes and sizes. In other words, they can be, “Literally the girls who live next door.” Probably what’s most surprising about this article is the fact that it’s a topic based in America, out of all places. We usually associate sex trafficking with other countries. The article is eyebrow-raising indeed!

Communication Problem: My image needs to send across a very dramatic message. The image must be tense, emotional, and controversial.

Image Ideas: Considering this social issue is based in America, I’d like to have the American flag somewhere in the shot. My idea is two have an image of one hand grabbing the arm of another person. The strong grip of the dominant hand grabbing the other person’s arm should represent the idea of a dangerous individual pulling the victim somewhere. ¬†Faces aren’t necessary for the shoot.

Results: I chose to photograph the topic of hands instead.

1 thought on “Topic Nine: Sex Trafficking in America

  1. rmichals

    The flag is a good idea to focus that this is happening here. It might be interesting to backlight the hands so that they are silhouettes, generalizing the idea of coercion.


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