Human Sex Trafficking


Human sex trafficking has always been an issue with no spotlight nor media coverage in the United States, as to most people, it mainly goes on overseas. The United States has had issues on human trafficking for years, as according to the article, it states that “it is estimated that there are almost 300,000 women, children and even men who are trafficked for sexual purposes in our own country.” For the boss, the pimp, it fills his pockets, “a single pimp can earn more than $1.5 million every six months with 6 women or children in their “stable”. An underground hustle that can earn more than the average drug dealer on the corner, by just selling sex in the dark nights is detrimental to somebody’s physical health, but mostly mental health.

Communication Problem:

The problem is to shoot and make images to spread the word on the human trafficking issues around our local communities.

Image Ideas:

A model with the right props can give the right feel for an image for the article, like money, signs, handcuffs, rope, or even a wig. When editing the photos, a darker tone, more gloomy look would create a more meaningful message for the images.


1 thought on “Human Sex Trafficking

  1. rmichals

    Props will help. Probably you don’t want to include anyones face as this isn’t about individuals. Its going to be hard to find the right line between serious and melodramatic with this. In the list of what to look for the only one I see being visual and reproducible in class is the number tattoo. You might consider using the rope or handcuffs on a toy or doll. It makes it more metaphorical.


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