Human Trafficking



America has an understated epidemic of young people being pulled into the prostitution industry, a problem that most people assume affects remote regions of the world only. However, there are rehabilitation efforts aiming to heal the abuses these victims suffer and reintegrate them into society with prosperous futures. These efforts would benefit greatly from people being generally informed and working with authorities to rescue the trafficked and persecute the traffickers.


Communication Problem:
Human trafficking in America is a subject most people are not aware of, and so they should be made aware to recognize potential victims and offer them an escape from their captors.


Image Ideas:
Because of the article’s emphasis on aiding and healing victims of human trafficking rather than the ugly realities they have endured, I feel that showing human connections is the best way to go in portraying the intent of the article. Photographs of individuals expressing care and love for one another as human beings and type that is a call to action to join the movement dedicated to turning the tide on these crimes.

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  1. rmichals

    I love your emphasis here. I am wondering how to show love and care. an arm around someone’s shoulders. Holding hands. with lots of bright soft front light.


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