Social Media Addiction

Summary: This article is about social media addiction and how the people who engineer apps like Facebook and Instagram work to make it addicting. We live in a world where people are slaves to their devices because of apps like Instagram. Social interaction went from talking to liking each others posts. The article states that FOMO or the fear of missing out is what makes social media addictive. Another thing that draws you in is the bright red icon that shows you the number of people who have mentioned or followed you or have liked a post. The color choice isn’t random. I for one have never been able to ignore the bright red bubble. Another thing would be that fact that clicking one post about something is going to lead you to 10 more similar posts that might interest you and in turn that takes another hour or two of trying to pry your eyes away.

Communication Problem: Taking a photo that is understandable at first glance. Showing the extremes of social media and addiction.

Image Ideas: Having a needle (fake covered one) taped to someones arm and the other end in a headphone jack while Instagram has its notifications open. A group of people on their phones surrounding a person with no phone who looks anxiously other their shoulders.

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