The headphone brand I will be using is called WESC, it is a very youthful and overall stylish company. The NYC public service campaign, basically talks hearing loss and how it affects a lot more of us than most people would think. Especially the younger generation who seem to think their ears “invincible” and just blast away their music, permanently damaging their ear drums. My target audience for the headphone ad will be teens and adults that are into fashion and style.  While my target for hearing loss will be for adults, who understand the dangers of constantly blasting music. One of my images i hope to convey that the headphones are stylish and fashionable, while my other image I hope to show the seriousness of hearing loss. In terms of lighting I want the headphones ad to be well lit, to convey a sense of vibrancy and energy, while the hearing loss image I want some nice shadows to illustrate the seriousness of the matter.

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