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2) Lower Manhattan Revival


  • Summary: The article talks about the drastic change after 9/11 of the lower Manhattan. The narrative of the article tells us that a lot of business are coming back to Wall street and also the positive improvement of peoples lives thanks to the new construction of both the One World Trade center and the Oculus.
  • Communication Problem: The images on this ad campaign should be positive and uplifting, nothing nostalgic or sad. The aim is to demonstrate the ability to create lively environment in the lower Manhattan.
  • Image Ideas:  Photos of the new buildings, photos of the people around the busy streets of the lower Manhattan, Photos of  kids which represent the youth coming to the neighborhood

Health Care for All

Most health insurance companies are using photo’s of people who appear to be happy, showing it by smiling or having fun alone, in family/group photo’s, either in portrait style photos  or while doing activities or hobbies they seem to love. The photo’s use bright lights that highlight the model’s face. The ads themselves are bright with light or white backgrounds. The type is inviting and colorful to catch attention.What should be communicated by an image promoting the company Health Care for All are photos of healthy people who are happy to be where they are because they are insured. Their faces and attitudes should be highlighted to show their contentment. They should be close us to have a personal and inviting feel to it. During our photo session i will try to capture the bight and warm side of the model. I want the focus to be on the models smile.

Results: it’s definitely difficult to capture moments when you aren’t sure how to direct your model. This was challenging. One of the photos I like and will use will be one taken by another photographer :). It’s a group shot that shows confidence and comfort.

Headphones & Hearing Loss

1) A Description of the brand identity of the headphones you will be using and a summary of NYC public Service Campaign on Hearing Loss. Define your target audience. 

Beats by Dr. Dre is a line of high-performance headphones designed specifically to support high-quality playback of popular rock and hip-hop music, and to be worn as iconic body art. They use a lot of colors to show emotion, style and mood. They have simple typography on their ads. The NYC public service campaign on Hearing Loss is advising people to lower the volume when listening with headphones and to take breaks. This will prevent hearing loss in the future. The campaign’s tagline, “Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore,” is a clear call to action.

2) What do you intend to convey for each of these two different images? 

For the Beats photos, person enjoying to music with the headphones and for the hearing loss it will show hearing loss is no joke and you need to prevent it when young.

3) Images ideas- Consider lighting as well as wardrobe, pose and expression. 

Beats, will be bright with happy and excited expression. Headphone will be on persons ears and maybe hands on the two sides. The wardrobe will casual for both, for the Beats one the clothing may match the color of the Beats. Lighting for hearing loss will be dark and sad. Using sign language, hands behind the ears to show problem with hearing.

3) Results.

I love how my Beat’s shot came out because of how my model is in white and it contrast well with the rose gold headphones and pink background. I think the typography fit well in the spaces of the photo. The hearing loss photo is ok, it’s one of my weakest photos. It looks boring to me. It was a difficult concept to do with the little materials that we had.


Description of the brand: Bose is one of the leading brands of audio products. Established in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, the company is best know for it’s home audio system and speakers, noise canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile system which is sell throughout the world. This multi-billion company target a audience that listen to headphones ages 25 to 50 that spend approximately $100 for regular headphones to $400 for more high end ones. The wireless headphone will be used for this project to advertise this brand with the tagline “Wireless Music Deserves Bose”.

PSC Hearing Loss: “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore.” According to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Loss of hearing can be caused by many different things, and can be treated using medicine or surgery depending on the progress of the disease. Generally loss of hearing is placed into three categories, Conductive hearing loss, due to problems with the ear canal, ear drum, or middle ear and its little bones. Sensorineural hearing loss, when hearing loss is due to problems of the inner ear, and Mixed hearing loss, a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. According to more than 28 million people are affected by some type of hearing disorder. Of which listening to exceptionally loud music contribute in some way. This disease affects children as well as adults age 18 and over.

Communication: Bose shows what the enjoyable listening experience can be when one use the wireless headphones. The headphones have a sleek, clean design with no hanging wire, which means less trouble carrying and storing. On the other hand PSC shows the effect of listening to loud music- hearing loss. Thus, it is my intention to show forth both in the images captured.

Image ideas: A generous measure of light will be used when capturing the image for the Bose Ad. The model will be wearing wireless headphones and will show forth a smiling happy countenance, that generates a positive effect of the pleasure of listening to music with Bose wireless headphones. The image for the PSC Ad will be less lighted with the model showcasing a less happy countenance- thus generating a negative yet cautious feeling towards listening to loud music that may lead to hearing loss.

Topic Four: Headphones Ad and Hearing Loss Campaign

1. Brand Identity :
Our group is using a pair of Turtle Beach headphones as the brand for our photos. Turtle Beach is a headphones brand that caters to mainly gaming and also music as well. It’s one of the fan favorite gaming headset brands for game console like the Xbox One and PS4. Turtle Beach headsets are the popular to use for video game tournaments and online gaming. While also using them, their more advanced headphones give the feature of “superhuman hearing”, enhancing your hearing of the game while playing it.

The hearing loss campaign in New York City helps provides the ads like “Hear Today. Gone Tomorrow”, as well as cater the campaign to the ages of 18 to 44 demographic that mainly uses headphones for music. They also give the message of knowing the signs of hearing loss, being careful with the volume on your device, take breaks, turn down the volume when needed and if anything asking your doctors about hearing loss and how to prevent it.

2. Communication Problems :
For this brand, there isn’t really no main campaigns for this brand of headphones at all. I feel like their should be a easygoing and glowing campaign for headphones of this style, especially if it caters to gamers and mainly the younger demographic of gamers (ages 13-25)(Ad 1, Ad 2). For both the headphone ad and hearing loss campaign, It should communicate a bright and solid lighting and modeling to bring to life the message.

3. Image Ideas:

As an idea, the headphone ad should show the headphones as a big stage in headphone technology. for the hearing loss campaign, we can pitch the idea of taking pics to give the campaign a message to keep your ears healthy to turn down the volume on your headphones to benefit your hearing.



Topic 4: Headphones and hearing loss

 1. Summary

Brand identity
Our group is using a pair of WESC headphones for our photos. WESC is short for We Are the Superlative Conspiracy and is a Stockholm-based company mainly focusing on clothes. They get inspiration from snowboard and skateboard culture and are focusing on reaching a younger audience with the style of the headphones being very hip and in bright, vibrant colors. WESC has a NYC store and teamed up with hip hop music producer Dante Ross to make a set of premium headphones, as well as teaming up with NYC skate shop owner Amy Gunther for a special pair of WESC headphones that she was featured in the ads for. (Ad 1, Ad 2.) The copy for these ads read:

WESC – © WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy
Even a good listener is usually thinking of something else, but this time they won’t. Through the core of science and the biggest bag of love WeSC brings the freshest headphones ever. All designed to fit the individual as much as the lifestyle. Feel at home grooving with us. Your ears have never looked sexier. Weactivists – Ray Barbee, Chris Pastras & Amy Gunther

Public service campaign
The ads were part of a campaign sponsored by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in 2013. The ads said “Hear today. Gone tomorrow”, where the first part shows a close-up photo of an ear with earplugs, and the next photo is another close-up showing an ear where the earphones are switched out with a hearing aid. The tagline of the campaign is “Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore.” It’s a powerful message, and the target audience for this ad should in my opinion be teenagers and young adults, from 13-23, to establish good listening habits early. The campaign advised people to not listen to music over 85 decibel as it can damage your hearing over the long run. The article gives advice as to what signs to look for that would be an indication that your hearing is getting worse (you have to turn up the sound on the TV, you can’t follow a conversation etc), and says that if you want to keep listening to music in the future, you should turn down the music now.

2. Communication Problem
Headphone ad: Inspired by the copy from their ads, I think the ads should communicate how these headphones are so great, you won’t be thinking about anything else. You’ll zone into the music. It’s also important to communicate how fresh and cool they’ll make you look.

Public service campaign: The ad should clearly communicate that one of the people in the ad is hard of hearing, the sad/frustrating emotions connected to hearing loss, and how the person is now excluded from conversations and from enjoying music the same way as before. It should communicate this in a powerful way that would inspire the target audience to change their headphone habits.

3. Image Ideas
Headphone ad – It should show someone who is completely absorbed in the music, smiling, perhaps dancing. Or it could be someone laying on the ground listening to music with a smile on their face, maybe their eyes closed, totally zoned into the music. The lighting should be bright and cheerful and wardrobe should be young and cool but not too vibrant since the headphones should stand out.

Public service campaign – One idea could be for two people to be talking to each other, where the hard of hearing person has to lean in to hear what the other person is saying. The hard of hearing person could be in the dark while the hearing person is in the light. It could also be a photo of just the person who can’t hear, lighted in a dark way, showing the person as sad and frustrated about the loss of hearing.

4. Results
I think the results for the headphone ad came out pretty successful and in terms with the image ideas I had of a person dancing while getting lost in the music – something that connects to the copy of the WESC headphone ads.

For the hearing loss ad, we could have tried more dramatic lighting and we weren’t successful in putting the person with hearing loss in darker lighting/in the shadow, but I think the idea of the headphones being unplugged works well, although I think the plug should have been more in focus and sharper.

Album with 20+ photos 
Hearing loss ad
Headphones ad

Topic Four: Headphones

Brand Identity

WeSC is a Swedish clothing brand that is influenced by sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. There main office is located in Stockholm and their name stands for “We are the Superlative Conspiracy”. This brand brings observation to Swedish underground artist, musicians, skateboarders and has a very mainstream vibe. Looking at their campaign ads, I could tell this company was European. Their design aesthetics are clean, but also recognizable to our current trend in graphic culture. They use line weights with bold text demonstrating that  they are up to date and very stylish. The colors they use in some campaigns are vibrant. I believe the target audience varies from 16-30 years old.

Summary of NYC Public Service Campaign on Hearing Loss

The article states a series of ads that were appeared in NYC subway cars targeting New Yorkers who turn up the volume of their personal listening devices. The tagline of the campaign is “Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore” advising us to not listen to above 85 decibels at a regular basis because you put yourself at risk from permanent hearing loss. It tells us that if we want to listen to music in the future, we need to be careful in how we maximize our volume to drown out external noise. There was a survey released in JULY 2013 stating that New Yorkers from ages 18 to 44 admitted to heavy headphone use and have reported to have hearing problems. The article also gives us some pointers to go by using volume-limiting features on your personal listening devices as well as knowing the early signs of hearing loss. For example, if you need to increasingly turn up the volume on a TV or any media or if you experience ringing in your ears. It’s best to go and ask a doctor for a hearing test.

Image Ideas

I would do a lot of different shots from close-up to medium shots. I want to capture a sense of stillness and sophistication. I want to use great lighting for the shots and maybe some darker once to show a sense of allure. The expressions might be serious rather than playful. For the wardrobe, I am thinking of a very liberal and bohemian vibe. For these two different image, I would play around with the lighting so for the hearing loss its going to be super simplistic. I would maybe do profile shots as well as a close up of the ear and do various shots of a person enjoying the blast of the music and then show the emotion of the person who lost their hearing.

Topic 4: Headphones

  1. The headphones I will be using are JVC gummy headphones. JVC offers professional electronics products.  JVC is a leading developer of sophisticated audio and video products. JVC uses superior technologies to deliver high quality sound and images. For this project my target audience will be young adults. The public service campaign for hearing loss, “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore,” is trying to aware people of the use of headphones and loud sounds. It is trying to tell you to reduce the volume of your headphones and never listen to the maximum volume, this is what a lot of young adults do. Young adults try to drown out external noise by using music and headphones not really considering the outcome later on in life. This campaign is just trying to spread awareness on it.
  2.  Headphone ad: Try to be in a good/happy mood. Zoned out by the music, “in the zone.” for Hearing Loss ad: In a much more serious mood, with no smile.
  3. Headphone ad: Lighting will be bright and clear, happy expression, casual wardrobe (listening to music on the train.) Hearing Loss ad: black and white or dark photo (use of shadows). depressing, straight face.

Results Headphone JVS: I feel like this image was successful. It showed a sense of unity and happiness which was what i was aiming for originally.

Results Hearing Loss: I also think the image was successful for this one. I feel like the sense of motion worked well with this ad. It was dark and unhappy which was what I wanted for this shoot.

Health Care for All

  1. After researching on health care companies, I noticed a lot of their portraits are with people smiling, looking healthy, shows diversity and family.  The lighting is well light in either taken in studio with a plain background, hospital that is bright or outdoors in nature.
  2. The images should should happy healthy people.
  3. My photographs with show people being together, smiling in healthiness and proud of being alive and well.
  4. The result was great. I captured a natural and not forced smile from my model. Also the lighting was evenly lit.

Topic Four: Headphones

Description of the brand:  Bose is a one of the biggest companies specializing in audio equipment. The company was established in 1964 and it is well know for its speakers, home audio systems, noise cancelling and wireless headphones, professional audio systems and car sound systems. The target audience: everyone who can afford it. Regular headphones price is around 150$, audio systems price can get to 5000$ and up. For this project I am going to advertise wireless headphones and include the tagline “Wireless music deserves Bose”.

PSC Hearing Loss:  “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore.” According to WebMD hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S. Now this is problem not only senior people but young as well. Age range of people struggling  with hearing problem is from 18 to 45 years. Listening loud music constantly can bring the hearing loss.

Intention: Bose. Show the wireless feature, clean and minimalist design of headphones. PSC. Show the consequences from listening loud music, hearing loss.

Image ideas: For Bose using a lot of lights, positive images. Wireless = comfort = happiness. For PSC using less lights, using shadows and darkness for negative expressions. Headphones or a wire like a symbol and cause of the problem

Result: In spit of the technical challenges with the camera I am pretty satisfied with the result. It took some time to find right settings for the camera and to set up the light. For first part of the project I used positive attitude and I think the dancing pose complements my concept. I decided to use Bose logo in unusual place  and I think it caches the attention well. Also, the Bose ad looks clean and it fits the general style for all company’s campaigns. For the second part of the project we set up dramatic light and I really like how  headphones were used in negative way. The loop from the wire on the ear was an allegory for possible bad outcome of overusing headphones. For the body copy I used transparency tool which made it blend with the background. With the low contrast between body copy and background the image speaks first.