Topic Four: Headphones Ad and Hearing Loss Campaign

1. Brand Identity :
Our group is using a pair of Turtle Beach headphones as the brand for our photos. Turtle Beach is a headphones brand that caters to mainly gaming and also music as well. It’s one of the fan favorite gaming headset brands for game console like the Xbox One and PS4. Turtle Beach headsets are the popular to use for video game tournaments and online gaming. While also using them, their more advanced headphones give the feature of “superhuman hearing”, enhancing your hearing of the game while playing it.

The hearing loss campaign in New York City helps provides the ads like “Hear Today. Gone Tomorrow”, as well as cater the campaign to the ages of 18 to 44 demographic that mainly uses headphones for music. They also give the message of knowing the signs of hearing loss, being careful with the volume on your device, take breaks, turn down the volume when needed and if anything asking your doctors about hearing loss and how to prevent it.

2. Communication Problems :
For this brand, there isn’t really no main campaigns for this brand of headphones at all. I feel like their should be a easygoing and glowing campaign for headphones of this style, especially if it caters to gamers and mainly the younger demographic of gamers (ages 13-25)(Ad 1, Ad 2). For both the headphone ad and hearing loss campaign, It should communicate a bright and solid lighting and modeling to bring to life the message.

3. Image Ideas:

As an idea, the headphone ad should show the headphones as a big stage in headphone technology. for the hearing loss campaign, we can pitch the idea of taking pics to give the campaign a message to keep your ears healthy to turn down the volume on your headphones to benefit your hearing.



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