Social Media Addiction

  1. Summary:  The article describes the symptoms of social media addiction and how living in a era of social media has it pros and cons , they can take a toll on our everyday lives and how we have this way of wanting to catch up on the hottest trends, step in conversations, and catch up with family and friends every single day.
  2. Communication Problem: I believe their should be a clear way to portray social media as an addiction and how its made addictive to society. A way to persuade social media addiction to a person or demographic should be in a comedic way or light and silly concept; a campaign with a sense of humor.
  3. Image Ideas: A way this can be portrayed is maybe putting a funny or wacky character to the ad and create a comedic interaction either through social media or even somebody on social media through their phone. A character of a social media “addict” or a group rehab of social media “addicts”.

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