Topic 3: Health Care for All

  1. The photographs of people look very happy, excited, and in a good mood. I have noticed by looking at three different websites;,, and that they mostly have photographs of people outdoors, or next to windows, usually using natural light. A lot of the images are very bright and clear.
  2. It should be communicated that people are very happy with the company and products. Family, children, adults, etc are able to use it and be satisfied.
  3. The photographs will look bright and clear. People being vibrant, excited, happy. The props I would be using will depend on my target. But, if I focus on Adults I would most liekly use books, glasses, ipads, notebooks, etc.

Results: Since I was unable to attend class when photographs were taken, I photographed a friend outside in daylight. The photo came out  clear and bright and my friend was smiling and happy. Overall I am happy with the results of this billboard campaign ad.

I ended up changing my image after reading professors comment. I had taken many images of my sister outside so I ended up using one of those. I feel like it came out much better than the other one I had posted previously. The reason why i chose the image I had before was because I didnt want to have a different image from everyone else. But, after your explanation it made more sense. Thank you.

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  1. rmichals

    I really appreciate that despite missing class you did the assignment.

    I wish however that you had acted on the observation that you made about healthcare insurance company photographs. Most are shot outdoors. This furthers the association of the brand with health and leisure. The rest of the class was stuck with working in the studio but you could have and still could take some pictures for the ad outdoors. A cloudy day (for the diffused light) with some lovely fall foliage in the background would be ideal.

    When taking portraits in available light, work in the shade or on a cloudy day and make sure that the light is falling on your subject’s face. It is the most important thing in the photograph and it should be literally in the light.


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