Topic Two: The Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: This article focuses on the rebirth of New York City’s fallen gem,Ā theĀ World Trade Center. Before the 9/11 attacks, the World Trade Center not only served as New York’s pride and joy, but they representedĀ the pinnacle of a successful business expanse. Nicknamed “the center of the universe”, the World Trade Center and the neighborhood around it was glowing with new opportunity and hope. Nevertheless, the article goes on to discussĀ the financial and economic growth that gradually emerged after the attacks. The most interesting quote I read from this article was from the father of a fallen firefighter, Lee Ielpi, who stated,” Not rebuilding something big would in some way show these terrorists that they had succeeded in some way.”

Communication Problem: We need to communicate that Manhattan has developed much more than where it was just a short 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, the article shows that the number of people living in Lower Manhattan has tripled.

Image Ideas: An active metropolis. Feet quickly walking along the sidewalks in abundance. A sunset representing that there will always be beauty despite the tragedy of past events.

Results:Ā I’m extremely pleased with my results. The weather was ideal for taking photos outside and I tried by best to take full advantage of it. My objective was to show the residential side of Lower Manhattan, since the article stressed the resident population increase since 2001. I took many photos of people doing things that you wouldn’t expect in Lower Manhattan. I saw people reading books, walking their chickens (yes, I saw that), and buying from street vendors.

But when I saw an ice cream truck, I knew it had great potential to accompany the article “The Lower Manhattan Revival”. I stayed in front the ice cream truck for at least 15 minutes waiting for the perfect moment. For the second image, IĀ usedĀ a photo of two gentlemen playing chess. After most of the class went back to City Tech, I pointed my camera at John, one of the chess players. He turned to his opponent and joked,” If I had a dollar for every time someone took a photo of me I’d be rich.” After he finished his match, I went up to him and asked to play against him with a dollar in my hand. I ended up playing chess with John for at least an hour.

2 thoughts on “Topic Two: The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    Please add to your posts once you have finished the assignment some comments about your results.

    I think your image is very successful in speaking to the greater number of residents. the ice cream truck screams “neighborhood.” And I love the vendor’s expression. It just says happy. And who doesn’t have positive associations with ice cream? Also, the photo is overall light and bright adding to the upbeat mood.

    1. CliffordH Post author

      The ice cream truck photo was tricky to capture but it definitely paid off. In my opinion, his expression and the people walking in front of him were the perfect ingredients to make this photo great. I used a 50mm lens so I could get a close, sharp image without being too intrusive. In terms of lighting, it’s safe to say mother nature was on my side.

      Furthermore, my post has been updated with the results category.


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