The Lower Manhattan Revival

This article talks about the blossoming of the One World Trade Center, what they hoped to accomplish for New Yorkers to rebirth the history and give the urban neighborhood a new vibrant vision. There were many political battles after the violent attack that made officials and developers battle over the details of the reconstruction. The memories still being so raw made them realize they need to rebuild, but knowing there was so much fear in that location that the neighborhoods where largely left or either rents were dropped. After the rebuilding, the population actually tripled and made Lower Manhattan a vibrant business district with diversity of people and creative workers.  I believe the communication problem should show the vibrancy of this business district and show creative people that live here and commute here daily. For my image ideas, I want to make an emphasis on colors and people, do a lot of possible reflection shots and try to show in my work the wonderful thing that occurred. The uplifting of strength showing that they created something so beautiful in result of the sad moments in history for New Yorkers. In result, I think it looked better than I expected. The colors and the people were sown and also it shows the reflection of everything that is growing there.

1 thought on “The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    Your opener image for the article works well but it doesn’t really correspond to what you wrote. The solution that you arrived at shows the Oculus which is a spectacular building and really speaks to transforming that site from a mass grave into a monument and a celebratory public space. The success of this picture has nothing to do with people or color. Interestingly your type is inside one of the memorial pools which is of course where the twin towers used to stand.

    The one thing I would suggest is to straighten this wall so the top of it is parallel to the edge of the photograph. I would do it in Lightroom under lens corrections.


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