Topic 2 – The Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: At 1,776 Ft. One world Trade Center stands as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Erect as a memorial to a horrid tragedy it graced the Lower Manhattan skyline as a representation of the fallen Twin Towers. Never-the-less this stately building also serve as a  tourist attraction, foster business ventures and adds to the rebirth of vibrant life in Lower Manhattan. Even though there were disagreements over the venture of rebuilding, the grieving families were able to reach an ideal agreement with developers to rebuild. Thus, a place that should have been seen only as a mourning ground was transformed into a memorial monument that speaks volume of the true American spirit-we are resilient, we shall rise again.

Communication Problem: The image should capture and show the diversity yet harmony of the area (business, culture, ethnicity). It should also capture the memorial symbol thereby emphasizing the emotional aspect of an area under continually healing. The vibrant life that emerged as a result of revival and rebirth should be showcase as well.

Image Ideas: Lively and energetic composition of Infrastructure and overall area, shot at different angles. Urban aspect of neighborhood life. Essential shots of One World Trade Center Monument.

Results: The photo shoot in my estimation was a success. I was able to capture images that show the building/revival of the area. Although the shoot took place around the anniversary of that great tragedy, the revival spirit could be seen in the various form of life and livelihood that makes up that area.




1 thought on “Topic 2 – The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    The article emphasized that the residential population has tripled since 9/11. You don’t mention this in your post but the photo you took of two people both pushing baby carriages speaks to this fact. I like it better than the photo that you selected because both people are facing us. the dog walker walks away from the viewer. It creates less engagement with the photo when we don’t see the person’s face.


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