Topic One: Utopia U vs. Utility U

Summary: Firstly, a Utopian is an individual who has hope. A Utopian looks out their college window knowing that there’s a bright future ahead of them. In contrast, there are two primary visions that explain modern-day colleges and universities. These visions are Utility and Utopia.

Utility U. deals greatly with reason and respect. Utility U. is a place where students question and evaluate their surroundings. On the other hand, Utopia U, is the overall quality of their experience. Lastly, Utopia U. is a safe haven, where though and ideas are expressed freely.

Communication Problem: The main thing we need to communicate is the contrast between Utopia and Utility. Utopia is more about positivity and hope, while Utility is more about the stress and utilities dealt with in a college environment.

Image Ideas: Me and my partner brainstormed about the concepts and ideas we could use for Utopia U vs. Utility U. In the end, we decided that our Utopia U photo would involves clones of ourselves enjoying a conversation. Meanwhile, our Utility U photo would be clones of ourselves staring at the camera, representing a sense of isolation and oppression.

Results: We had issues with our concept from the get-go. We realized that in order to successfully photography our concept, we needed to take several photos of each other in different positions while holding the camera completely still. A tripod would’ve been ideal for the situation. Still, we tried our best.

2 thoughts on “Topic One: Utopia U vs. Utility U

  1. rmichals

    Please use the project brief categories in this case: summary, communication problem, image ideas and finally results. This helps me see where your ideas are coming from and how well you are realizing them.

    I think the image where Yuliya is arguing with herself in two separate outfits is uniquely successful. It doesn’t represent either Utility U or Utopia U but rather the tension between them. In terms of conveying the content of the article, it is dead on.

    I so wish the security guard was not in the photo.

    1. CliffordH Post author

      The security guard in the background irks me as well. Nevertheless, I believe he adds some realism to an abstract photo.

      Also, my post has been revised and updated with the project brief categories.


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