Utopia U and Utility U

1.Summary:-when working with a text, briefly state the most important points of the article. If an advertising campaign, describe the product. (What is Utopia U and what does it mean vs Utility U  how they work in life , in College.)
2.Communication Problem: What should be communicated by the images that accompany this article or will be used in this campaign? (Environment with person. Something what is relates to utility U or Utopia U.)
3.Image Ideas: List at least two image ideas. You can also include other photographers’ images with credit as examples or sketches. (Utopia U can be shown on image a lot of lite on a desk top and happy person studying. Utility U person working on computer`s  key board)

4.Results: How did it turn out? (It turned out very well Utopia U works very well on image the same as Utility U)

1 thought on “Utopia U and Utility U

  1. rmichals

    Everything you wrote is very vague and most of your post is a copy of the question. Your answer for image ideas begins to hint that Utopia U will be light and bright and the person’s expression will be key. Can we assume for the Utility image you intend it to be dark with a more dour expression on the part of the model. You need to state this. “Well” is not an answer for results. Please discuss more fully what works about your final images.


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