David D.

  1. Summary:  Utility U vs Utopia U, the article by Kwame Anthony Appiah explores the duality of our educational system between the bottom line and an individual self growth.
  2. Communication Problem: Describe structured working environment vs a chaotic creative storm a student may be going through.
  3. Image Ideas:  One surrounded by lots of equipment  vs a seldom computer screen
  4. Results: 

One thought on “David D.

  1. rmichals

    You describe the difference between Utility U and Utopia U succinctly and well. The visual idea of using order and chaos to represent structured work and creativity is a stereotype but maybe one that can communicate these ideas clearly.

    You did not include any results. The pictures I see on Flickr look underexposed overall and all 8 images look chaotic though not necessarily creative. The fire extinguisher is a bit too dominating visually. Of all the photos, 9751 seems the most interesting as Hege looks surrounded and somewhat trapped by the environment.


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