The two poems describe driving a car as two different experiences giving different emotion and feelings. In “she being Brand” by e.e. cummings, the interaction and the relationship between the driver and the car make a delightful and sensual experience of pleasure. In the other hand, the journey that Phillip Levine had with his car in “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” is a passage of chaos and devastation filled with lost and depressed feelings.

The car in cummings’ poem is depicted as “new” and “good” to which the driver “careful” controls. The masterful control of the driver along with the smoothness of the car movement create the notion of erotica and the absolute satisfying experience in which both the driver and the car fulfill their missions. On the contrary, “rags” and “fire” in Levine’s poem create destructive image of Detroit going through chaos and breakdown. The city became “where you lost it all” and “the cry of wet smoke hanging in your throat”.

E.e. cummings completes his poem with a perfect “stand-still” of the car stopping after a smooth journey which helps accomplish the feeling of satisfaction. However, Phillip Levine chose to end his poem with a statement ” We burn this city everyday” that enhances the notion of lost and desperation.

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