Cars and metaphors

In the poems “she being brand” and the poem “Coming home, Detroit” both do use car metaphors, but use them differently to achieve them in their own way. In the poem “she being brand” the poet decides to use getting a brand new car as a metaphor for sex to describe the bewilderment of actually getting a new car. Especially how the poet describes the whole endeavor, using innuendos to try to communicate to the audience without bluntly saying it.

In the poem “Coming home, Detroit” the poet uses the car as a metaphor of traveling. of vacuuming space in order for us to take a look at the visual details and not entirely the sound. I believe the poet does accomplish his ideas across. He is also describing what industry has done to the city¬†of Detroit, where the pollution is at an all time high, how other people are being effected and how the car that you are using to go to work is also at fault, its the character’s fault as well.

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