Multimedia:Design:Methodology – storyboard

Useful wiki about process of multimedia design:

Benefits of storyboards for multimedia

  • They’re easy to create – can use pencil & paper
  • Allow the designer to anticipate problems
  • Serve as a common reference point for design teams and clients, providing firm specifications for both.
  • Becomes the “Contract” document between you and your client, and places a boundary on your presentation. This is *important since multimedia production can lead to forever changing specifications.
  • Becomes the working document for the multimedia project team.
  • Client requirements and User definition

    What is the purpose of the web site – from the client’s perspective?

    • To inform?
    • To entertain?
    • eBusiness?

    Target audience

    Identify some of the following:

    • The age range
      • Designed for children, teens, adults
    • Gender (If appropriate)
      • Site for Car Parts, Women’s Shoes, etc
    • Ethnicity/Culture/Language/Gender
      • Is your site for an international audience?
      • Will you need to handle multiple languages?
    • Level of computer experience
      • Technical site on Computing Hardware, Children’s gaming site
    • What interest areas you would expect visitors/users to have.
      • E.g. Interest in sports, collecting, trains, cooking, etc…
    • Devices used to view site
      • E.g. ePad, Mobile phone

    And for each identify what should be done to address these needs. —vmvadmin 17:47, 21 August 2011 (EDT)

    Answer the following questions:

    • Why would someone want to visit my site, or use my multimedia application?
    • Why would someone want to revisit the site or the multimedia application?
    • How can the site/application be future proofed?

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