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Mini Comic Ideas_Kiana

Laven the Saluki is trying to catch a fish during the warm summer season in Yukon, Canada but the fish is proving to be a challenge to catch.

Jonah the White Wolf tries to makes friends with summer time campers in Yukon, Canada because he is lonely.

Johan the Wyvern tries to return a pie that a group of Gypsys left because he scared them.

A young teenage girl going camping with her dog in Yukon during the Spring session for a relaxing vacation.

Laven and Jonah trying to get a turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner in the forest because Jonah forgot to get one.

Dante the Brown Bear finds a Christmas present that was accidentally dropped by Santa Claus and rushes through the forest in Montana trying to deliver the present.

Mini Comic Ideas

6 Different story Ideas:

  1. A kid finds a monster in his closet but the one he finds is friendly and he protects him from the evil ones under his bed.
  2. A romance between the King of the Jungle and a Cheetah
  3. A Tsunami submerged an island but its habitants find a way to get across the ocean but there’s a mysterious creature lurking out there.
  4. The adventures of a flea and a stray dog in NYC.
  5. A kid who does the impossible to not let the report card land in his dad’s hands.
  6. A girl who can see ghosts and she is trying to keep it a secret so she doesn’t get bullied at school.

Story ideas

1 – Tuesday at 7:34pm, during a rainy night, a member of miss scarlet’s waitstaff accident spilled wine on her one of a kind albino bear rug. Knowing how very dangerous she is when she is angry, he tried to had it, but shy maid got blamed due to her past mistakes, having no more tolerance for her clumsiness,revolver in hand, feet tapping furiously, with the maid kneeling claiming her innocence, the butler witnessed something in the guest lounge from the hallway door that shocks him to this day.

Short ver: A Butler makes a mistake and the clumsy maid pays the price

2 – Pastor Brown was in the Church Library late at night, going through old text for Sunday’s homily when he heard a loud clunk. As he went to investigate he found a lone wrench a few aisle away drenched in blood with a trail of blood leading to a door. As he picked up the wrench, he looked around for other people,but as he looked back at the floor, the trail was no longer to be found.

Short Ver: Mystery murder tool and trail are found in the library, upon discover the trail vanishes

3 – George comes to find his brother Richard in an alleyway after he said he was going to get groceries, laid out on the floor bleeding. Rain suddenly starts to pour as George kneels there with his brother in his arms, with the rain masking his tears. Then Richard sits up suddenly complaining about the strawberry jam that he just spilled on himself.

Short Ver: A Brother is found thought to be dead in an alley but he just slipped in a puddle and fell unconscious

4 – Nelson walks into the haunted house on 3rd street, it is known the neighbourhood that those who walk in almost never walk out, only survive was old man Jones, a local legend, Nelson wanted to know if it was really haunted and went to ask him, but even with all the warnings that Jones gave him, he ignored them and proceeded to the house to uncover the truth. 

Short Ver: Journalist Enters a haunted house ignoring warnings from the locals but, gets more than he bargained for

5 – Cassidy, a member of the castle guard on patrol, when he hears a loud thud from the front. As he gets to the window, he is greeted with a large reptilian eye. He stumbles back words and as the dragon gets on its hind legs, it states “can you please take the princess, she keeps coming into my lair shouting that she’s waiting for her hero”. It then places her at the door and flies off.

Short Ver: a Knight is met by a dragon but their encounter is not what he expected

6 – Mikhal is playing his favourite rpg when he suddenly gets sucked in, as he slays the monster and completes the quest with a grin on his face, his party members slowly feel disturbed and get scared of him. After beating the boss he inquires what’s next, and they throw him back out without another word. Mikhal just lays there confused wondering what he did.

Short Ver: Young man is too excited to experience his fantasy dream and gets sent back

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