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Jovannie’s Script

The House on Maple

Page 1:

  • Panel 1:

Protagonist stands in front of the fabled house on Maple Street looking at it in all its glory

Page 2:

  • Panel 1: 

Protag still standing outside looking around


  1. Protag: Welp
  2. Protag: no point standing around, let’s do this
  • Panel 2:

Protag starts to head inside to find the mysteries that await him

  • Panel 3:

White panel with black text saying “Earlier…”

  • Panel 4:

waitress puts down a cup of coffee

  • Panel 5:

Protag sitting in diner as the waitress walks away


  1. Protag: alright
  • Panel 6:

Close up of the Protag’s face


  1. Protag: what can you tell me about the house Mr. Jones?
  • Panel 7:

A look at Mr. Jones as he drinks so of his coffee 

Page 3

  • Panel 1:

Long shot of Mr. Jones answering the Protags questions


  1. Jones: the whole experience was honestly a nightmare so parts of my memory is quite hazy
  2. Protag: then how much of it do you remember
  3. Jones: mostly trying to find any way possible way to get out of there
  4. Protag: interesting
  • Panel 2:

Long shot of the protag writing


  1. Jones: Sir are really only writing about this house
  2. Protag: of course, any idea why you were the only survivors?
  3. Jones: No honestly, I’ve never stopped to think about and never wanted to
  4. Jones: I was just happy to make it out
  • Panel 3: 

shot of the notepad with notes

  • Panel 4:

Protag putting his pen to his lip


  1. Protag: hmm I’ll probably get more information from going myself 
  • Panel 5:

Mr. Jones bangs his fist onto the table

  • Panel 6

The whole diner becomes quiet and looks at the table, Protag is taken back as his now spilled coffee mug drips onto the floor

Page 4:

  • Panel 1:

A close up of Mr. Jones looking quite angry


  1. Jones: you stay the hell out of that house you hear me
  • Panel 2:

Protag opening this the door of the house and entering 


  1. Protag: Well, I wouldn’t be the department’s leading reporter if I was afraid of a little rumor, right?
  • Panel 3: 

Protag passes through was seems like an invisible barrier

  • Panel 4:

As the barrier pops, Protag feels this weird chill down his spine and shivers


  1. Protag: huh?
  • Panel 5:

Protag turns around after the chill but doesn’t see anything but the open door

  • Panel 6:

Shows an eerie figure behind in the darkness that passes by over Protag’s shoulder


  1. Protag: ……huh.
  • Panel 7:

Protag turns back around unaware of what transpired behind him

Page 5:

  • Panel 1:

Protag continues forward into the house as it slowly gets darker inside 

  • Panel 2:

Protag takes out the flashlight in his coat pocket and enters the dining room

  • Panel 3:

Protag looks around the room pointing light around but not really seeing anything unusual, just cobwebs and some torn curtains


  1. Protag: Hmm seems pretty ordinary for an old house
  • Panel 4:

Protag makes his way to the kitchen

  • Panel 5:

After he leaves the room, a head dangles from the ceiling looking in his direction

Page 6:

  • Panel 1:

Protag enters the kitchen and begins to search around in the cabinets


  1. Protag: Hmm I see 
  2. Protag: ah very interesting
  3. Protag: Amazing
  • Panel 2:

Protag hunched over the counter, looking disappointed


  1. Protag: who there really isn’t anything here, I wasted my time 
  2. Protag: they probably were all just rumors
  • Panel 3: 

Protag notices a creaking noise from the side


  1. Protag: Huh?
  • Panel 4:

There’s a door to the side slowly swaying from a light breeze

  • Panel 5:

Protag opens the door wide and is greeted by a flight of stairs leading to a basement


  1. Protag: just what I needed
  • Panel 6:

Protag heads down the staircase, flashlight shining on everything in front of him

  • Panel 7:

He Shines the light around the new room to see what he’ll find

Page 7:

  • Panel 1:

Protag spots what looks like a pentagram on the floor and gasps

  • Panel 2:

Out of shock he drops his flashlight on the floor and the impact turns it off

  • Panel 3:

Protag Picks it up and starts banging the light in a panic 


  1. Protag: Come on come ooon!!
  • Panel 4:

The Light flashes brightly towards the ceiling as it turns back on as Protag sighs in Relief


  1. Protag: Finally
  • Panel 5:

A Demon Appears behind Protag Breathing over his shoulder with a grin across its face, happy to have a meal in so long

Page 8

  • Panel 1:

Shows the door with thumping sounds suddenly getting louder

  • Panel 2:

Protag burst through the door screaming at the top of his lungs heading towards the door

  • Panel 3:

Protag Reaches the open door and makes a final sprint


  1. Protag: Finally!
  • Panel 4:

Instead of running right out, Protag runs face first into what seems like an invisible wall

  • Panel 5:

Protag starts inspecting and banging on the wall in complete disbelief


  1. Protag: oh no no no no no no
  2. Protag: Please
  • Panel 6:

The Demon Appears behind his him grabbing the top half of his face as Protag breaks into cold sweats as the door shuts


  1. Protag: no…..
  • Panel 7:

Shows a Shot of Mr. Jones standing on the sidewalk watching the door close


  1. Mr. Jones: Every time


Class Info

  • Date: Thursday, April 7th
  • Meeting InfoP125

To-Do Before Class

  • Assignment 4 : Mini Comic – Write a draft OUTLINE of your story- POST to open Lab and PRINT 3 COPIES for the CLASS. (categorize as FINAL PROJECT)


Further Story Development & COMICS FORMATS


  • To Learn about mini comics
  • To Learn the Parts of a Story
  • To Understand story pacing
  • To learn how to plan a sequential narrative.





MINI comics come in a variety of formats. Accordion books, 1 sheet no staple minis expanding pages… The sky is the limit!


Making Mini-Comics:

Acordion Mini Comic:

Expanding Pages Mini Comic

8-page Expanding Page comic – 1 Sheet of Letter Paper
8-page mini-comic using 1 sheet of LETTER paper
1 page NO staple Mini Comic


Short Story Round Robin


Story Arc and Pacing: how to plan a sequential narrative.


Workshop Mini Comic Story Outlines & Work in class on the project.

  • REMEMBER A successful short story should feel like it comes to a satisfying conclusion within the 8 pages.
  • Create a Narrative Arc visualizing the action in your story. Does it have A beginning, a climax?, or a conclusion?
  • Using that Narrative Arc ass a guide, Pace your story to unfold over 8 pages.
  • Begin by drawing a Graph showing the plot of your comic. Where is the climax? Are there other important moments? Mark on the graph the important points of your story.
  • Next, try looking at your graph as you decide on the pacing for your story.
  • Mark the graph with page numbers.
  • Flesh out your story Rough Outline into a Comics Script for an 8-page comic.


Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class

Due Next Week

 Reminder: April 7th class is IN PERSON!

  1. Assignment 4 : Mini Comic:

BRING 3 PRINTED COPIES of the following to next week’s class:

Outline and your Draft Comics Script.


 DUE 4/14:

  • Bring draft script to class to discuss. (3 copies. ) Edits will be suggested.
  • Decide on your overall format, and begin page/panel breakdowns.
  • The script must be typed and formatted as a professional comics script. SEE SAMPLE
  • Continue sketching visuals and characters in your sketchbook – you’ll present these with your script
  • Create a Pinterest page of reference materials
  1. WATCH all Mini-comics videos prior to class
  2. Sketchbook Week 10

Mini Comic Ideas

  1. A Day in the life of a cyborg
  2. A young Moor becomes a Knight
  3. An old crimefighting vigilante reluctantly comes out of retirement
  4. A time traveling detective tries to solve his own murder
  5. An orphan is granted the powers of the spider god
  6. An alien warrior is stranded on earth
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