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  • Date: Thursday, March 31st
  • Meeting InfoZOOM CLASS info below

To-Do Before Class


Further Story Development


  • To Practice Story and Character Generation Techniques
  • To Practice Character Generation Techniques
  • To Learn the Parts of a Story
  • To continue to explore the ways words and images interact in comics.


PRESENTATIONS: Graphic Novel Review – 5 minutes each with Q&A

Remember to consider our CRITIQUE GUIDE:

  • Clarity
  • Story Structure
  • Reading Order
  • Rhythm
  • Writing
  • Uniqueness
  • Craft


  • Jake Parker on The Anatomy of a Hellboy Story

    Story Arc and Pacing: how to plan a sequential narrative.


    CRITIQUE and Workshop Mini Comic Story Ideas & Work in class on the project.

    • Out of your SIX ideas, Choose only 1 to fully develop into your final project. Save the others for later!
    • A successful short story should feel like it comes to a satisfying conclusion within the 8 pages.
    • Flesh out your story idea into a Rough Outline. This can be in paragraph form or in bullets, or loose sketches with words. All methods of writing are acceptable at this early stage.
    • Consider the 5 W’s. Does your story have all 5?
    • Next, create a Narrative Arc visualizing the action in your story. Does it have A beginning, a climax?, a conclusion?
    • Using that Narrative Arc ass a guide, Pace your story to unfold over 8 pages.

    Examples: From SCRIPT TO PANELS

    Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class


    Due Next Week

     Reminder: April 7th class is IN PERSON!

    1. Assignment 4 : Mini Comic:

    BRING 3 PRINTED COPIES of the following to next week’s class:

    Outline and your Draft Comics Script.


    • 4/7 Out of your SIX ideas choose 1 to develop into your final comic.
    • Write a Draft of your Script.
    • Highlight the important BEATS of the story.
    • (no need for thumbnails yet.)
    • Script must be typed and formatted as a professional comics script. SEE SAMPLE
    • Continue sketching visuals and characters in your sketchbook.
    • Begin to look for references.
    1. Sketchbook Week 9
    2. Reading: Scott McCloud Understanding Comics: Chapter 8

    Here is the Zoom link: