For my Midterm Reading I decided to read the comic, Hellboy Seed of Destruction by Mike Mignola and John Byrne. The story is about a creature named Hellboy who investigates a cursed house called Cavendish Hall alongside his teammates Abe Sapien and Sherman Elizabeth Anne “Liz”. I enjoyed reading this comic because of the action and art style. Reading the story and seeing each action scene gave me a feeling of suspense and anticipation. I also enjoyed the writing, the dialogue made me feel the emotions and tone of the characters. The reading order, story structure great. The rhythm of the comic helped with the dark moments of the story.

But the art style was the best part. Mignola’s use of heavy shadows makes the art unique because of the way they hide the details, it leaves it up to you to figure out what they are. It also enhances the scary parts of the story which I found to be amazing.

Overall, the comic was a good read, and I highly recommend it if you are interested in horror and monsters.