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Discussion 12

While I was researching fashion that may start to mainstream, I remembered seeing a lot of people start to wear crochet clothings such as tops and dresses on social media platforms. It started to show up more as a mainstream in 2021 but was created in the early 1800s in Europe by Mile Riego de la Branchardiere. Crochet clothing was also seen as [a possible] mainstream in the early 1970s but there isn’t much information to prove it. With many people in our society today willing to be as eco-friendly and environment friendly as possible, crochet clothing will possibly become a mainstream [again].

Discussion 12

An Interesting style that caught my attention on social media recently, is the concept of cakes with flower details on it that makes them look like Flower arrangements. I love this new type of decorations on cakes that some people are doing because it is very artistic and it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure where this trend originated from but I have seem these type of cakes on The Great British bake off show. I also found some famous cake designers that have been working on similar stuff; Paul Hollywood, Ron Ben-Israel and Buddy Valastro and more. I think that we will be seeing more of this trend because replacing the use of so much frosting on cakes by natural details, in this case flowers is a great and different concept and I am sure some people will imitate and make better, different, I do see people going for these type of cakes.

Discussion Week 12 – Guen Fung

Over the years, the video gaming community has been pumping out more and more interesting games and with technology such as Virtual Reality, the trend of VR gaming is taking forms in other medias as well. We started with simple virtual reality game rooms where you interact with other players with their own VR set, to people developing VR for architeture, media, education and military. This started to become a trend during the 2010’s but it wasn’t until popularized until 2020 when the pandemic hit. People would get on VRChat, a game that is meant for testing VR in the beginning stages of VR gaming took YouTubers and Twitch streaming to a new high. People felt insolated during the pandemic and the usage of interaction through Virutal Reality helped eased people’s emotions. This also led content creators to make videos.

Angela Iacono-Discussion Week 12

Crocs are rubber clog-like shoes that came out in 2002 and were created by Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedbecker. These shoes were extremely popular and fun for children and teens at the time. You could buy accessories for your crocs by putting them into the holes of the crocs and they came in a variety of colors. However, crocs became somewhat painful for some people to wear and caused blisters. Although, unsure of the direct decline of the crocs that is certainly the reason I stopped wearing them. They were once mainstream and then underground but now have become mainstream again with a higher price tag. Originally crocs were and still are $30 however, most of the crocs on the website are $40-$60. Crocs have come back in the mainstream and are more expensive due a rise in quality. Although not everyone and their mother are wearing crocs it has certainly comeback and I have seen a lot more people wear them now. I remember when crocs were constantly made fun of and now it’s trendy and cool to own a pair.

Maria Iacono – Discussion 12

Y2K fashion originated in the early 2000s and it was extremely trendy to wear certain items of clothing like low-rise jeans, flare jeans, and lots of Juicy Couture. It started losing traction around 2014-2016 and it became extremely unpopular and hated to even be seen wearing low-rise jeans. Mainly because high rise jeans were very popular. Living through this fashion transition, at the time I was still very attached to my low-rise boot cut jeans but eventually they had to go. Y2K fashion became underground for quite a while until it resurfaced in 2021-2022! Destiny’s Child was a huge influence on Y2K fashion and they had a big role in the fashion trend. Many people today do not credit properly as to how the fashion trend began and the imitators will usually get away with it. Fashion trends will always resurface and I bet eventually we will see another era brought into the light.

Sadman Hafiz-Week 12 Discussion

I was researching underground vs mainstream art, music, and other different elements and came across China’s Electronic Dance Music history. All of us know this as the term EDM which is extremely popular in the USA and has raised in popularity across the globe in recent years. Along with EDM music, many rave parties also known as dance parties emerged in china during the 90s but all of these remained mostly underground. China’s biggest rave party happened in the 1990s, these parties were labeled illegal at the time. It was extremely hard in Communist China to make these forms of music popular with all the censorship and arrests that took place. During that time many nightclubs started to emerge with music and dance. Ben Huang was one of the most famous DJs who also started his career at the time and many other artists started to emerge after that focusing on this form of music. Even though so much was happening and the music was getting popular,, Chinese dance music still remind underground and many of the audience in China were not exposed to it and didn’t understand it properly. A lot of money-grabbing clubs started to emerge and real music fans were thinking it was not getting enough attention. However in 2016 first ever variety show featured electronic dance music to mainstream audiences but it was mixed with Chinese traditional influences, two years after that the show Rave Now further promoted the popularity of EDM. In 2021 the movie, Upcoming Summer further popularized EDM music by pushing it into China’s mainstream pop cultures. The EDM industries now are still growing by altering some of the original underground elements from the music to fit the mainstream taste. I don’t really have any interest in this trend or in EDM music but it was kinda fun to know about the history of this music in China and how it developed over time.

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Iqra Bhatti- Discussion-12


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Discussion 12 Guidelines

This week’s discussion is a follow-up to Steven Heller’s Underground Mainstream essay, and an opportunity to think outside of the traditional design box.

With Heller’s idea in mind, think of a recent cultural trend that is underground, but which may go mainstream. It can be music, movies, fashion, something on social media, or really anything that takes place outside of advertising and design. Create a new Discussion Post in which you describe that trend to us.

You can format your post however you like. You can record a video of yourself talking. You can type out your idea. You can design a quick graphic. You can share images or links to relevant videos. However you go about, consider the following set of questions…

What is the trend you’re describing? Where did it originate? Who started it? Has it already gone mainstream with certain audiences, perhaps in a particular region or within a specific demographic group? Would you like to see this trend become more mainstream? Or will widespread attention dilute its messages? What do you think it will look like if and when the trend goes mainstream? Will the originators receive the attention they deserve, or will imitators take the credit?

Once you’ve posted please be sure to check out your peers’ posts as well. Comment on at least 3.

Discussion 11b – Xiaofei Wang

  • I was very interested in the illustrator Joan Cornella and his works. He is Spain’s most famous caricaturist.
  • Dark humor and criticism of society are often presented in cartoons which is the most part that attracted me to his works.
  • His works always contain current hot topics, politics and race. It can be said that he is an illustrator or artist who cares about social phenomena.
  • In his works, there are usually only bright colors and figures to show the absurdity of everyday life. I think it’s the same form of expression that we’ve been talking about in the linguistics articles.
  • I think his works belong to surrealism because they are critical in nature.
  • I think I can come up a theory because there are too many things that happens in daily life needs artist to criticize with.
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