COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Maria Iacono – Final Presentation

Here is my final presentation!


  1. Ebony Derrick

    I really enjoyed your presentation, it was very informative and I learned something new about Floral Design. Floral design is a very interesting topic, the color concepts of the designs make it very admirable.

  2. Iqra Bhatti

    Maria, thanks for sharing this informative presentation about floral design. When I look at your presentation, it reminds me of my presentation about flowers and plants. It was a good presentation that taught me more about flowers and plants.

  3. Faye Wang

    Thank you for the great presentation, which let me learn that there are so many elements of art theory and meanings behind the floral design. Let me realize that floral art can express a kind of thought, reflect the combination of nature and human, form a unique language of flowers, let the audience to interpret and feel.

  4. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thanks Maria. I agree with the previous comments – very informative. I knew very little about floral design. Now I know a bit more!

    Great connections to some of the topics that we covered in class. I expect very few people consider the communicative power of these arrangements, but you’re right to see those relationships.

    I should briefly note that in your 3rd analysis, there is really not a linguistic message, meaning specific words spoken or typed. However, I think the rest of your Rhetoric of the Image analysis is really spot-on. The connotations, or implied meanings, are everywhere in that arrangement, and I think most people never think twice about that.

    As a sidenote, I’m very curious to know more about Florists for Peace. I’ll need to do some research!

  5. Lin Chao Chao

    Great presentation. Made me learn a lot about floral design. Before watching your presentation, my knowledge of floral design was limited to Japanese flower arrangements and some skills that rich wives in TV dramas go to learn.

  6. Gloria Rosario


    I really like this presentation, I love flowers. My senior project for this semester is about flowers, I am so happy to have the opportunity to learn more from your presentation.

  7. Guen Fung

    Floral design or just any kind of design relies on composition, and with flowers you are limited to the colors, but with arragement and techniques it allows a boring rose to be something cooler to work with.

  8. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Excellent presentation! Chelsea Fuss’s work and design are incredible. I like how she incorporates both bright and pastel hues into her design. It gives her design a bright, fresh feel.

  9. Simonlei

    Your presentation was well rounded, with not only visuals but the clarity and organization. I really enjoy anything floral, it shows how beautiful nature can be and create. There are so many ways to interpret floral art and I enjoyed how Chelsea Fuss took it on.

  10. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, Maria. I’m glad you can introduce floral design to us. I don’t know much about floral design, but after reading your presentation, I have a deeper understanding. As you said in the presentation, design is ubiquitous, so there is also design in flowers. The floral design is similar to graphic design in many aspects, such as the rules of color and shape, and the meaning behind the elements (flower language)

  11. Sadman

    Very nice presentation on floral design Maria,
    It was nice learning a little bit about this form of design as I’m not very familiar with it. It’s also amazing how she produces her flowers on her own balcony.

  12. Angela Iacono

    I thought it was really interesting how you connected floral design to the theories we learned in class. Really shows that there is a lot we can analyze when it comes to different parts of design!

  13. Shayne Coley

    hi very nice presentation i think you did a good job in trying to peace together how floral design and the theories we learned in class are some what connected with each other. it is the perfect way to show an example to many of the theories we discuss in class.

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